Jumu’ah Post: End Journey; reflection on our final destination

All things, except the Maker of them (Allah), will come to an end, including the breath that brings about our lives – that which some people have lived recklessly with. This is like a default, as authorized by the Almighty, which means everything that exists, irrespective of their existence duration, will perish, except for the One who brought about their existence. The perishing of lives don’t just end at the physical death, rather the perished soul is made to journey to another life where its final abode will be determined, based on what it had done of deeds while alive. “Tell them, the death angels, who is assigned for you will revive you fully and wholly at your death, and return you to God” (32:11).

The Qur’an confirms the fact that there’s an end to lives, and in this context, this end is acknowledged around the deeds/life-disposition we are on, until death catches up. So, invariably, the end – which may be considered as what happens at our death time or after our death – is not as important as the deeds that will make the end worth a pleasurable abode in the hereafter.

The life we all command here, on earth, is a reflection of what our final abode in the hereafter will be, just like the preparation of a student determines the outcome of his examination, when results are released. This calls for reflection on where our final abode – which is either Jannah or Jahannam – will be. More often than not, the legacies we lay are major forces that see to our final destination, and it’s only when we deeply and tirelessly reflect on the very much longer eternal life of the Hereafter that we can be intentional about laying a legacy that will earn us Jannah. May Allah set us on the right footing that will earn us a good end, Aameen.

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