Photos: Ashrofa-Deen Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Yesterday, I visited the ruins and now dilapidated remaining edifice of one of the foremost Arabic Institute in Saki, Oyo State.

The Institute is located at the Iya Area in the heart of the town.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw. Though, the Madrosah is still functioning minimally based on what I was able to gathered but it cannot be compared to when it reigned supreme in ’80s running into late ’90s.”

A section of the structure has already been turned into a dumping site and a public toilet.

This is a great institute that has produced prominent Islamic scholars, notable academics and intellectuals spread across Africa and Western World.

The alumni association of this institute which was once all sort for Islamic knowledge should rally around to breath life into it and reignited. It is uncontestable that the institute needs a new facelift.

It’s their legacy and heritage that must be protected.

Abdulhakeem Mahmud Raji-Alaufe reports from Saki, Oyo State.

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