Exceptional Individual Achieves First-Class Honors in English, Earns Four Awards for Outstanding Performance


Ismaeel Umar, a brilliant individual, has achieved a remarkable feat by obtaining a First-Class degree in English Language from the University of Ibadan (UI) in Nigeria. His academic excellence has been recognized with four prestigious awards from both the university and the department.

Umar proudly shared on Twitter that he successfully completed his undergraduate studies, earning a first-class honors degree in English Language from UI. This accomplishment garnered him four distinct awards for his outstanding contributions and performance at the university.

Expressing his gratitude on LinkedIn, Umar credited his parents for their unwavering support, shaping his choices and guiding him toward success. He also acknowledged his project supervisor, lecturers, and the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) at UI for their significant roles in his academic journey.

Additionally, Umar participated in an exclusive interview with Adh-Dhikr Press Organization, MSSNUI Press Arm, where he shared insights into his experiences as a student, leader, and executive member of MSSNUI.


During the interview, Umar revealed that he initially did not plan to study English but embraced the discipline after a positive encounter with an alumnus from the English department. Despite facing challenges, including the tragic loss of his mother during his penultimate year, Umar’s determination and commitment led him to graduate with a first-class honors degree.

In response to a question about the secret to his success, Umar emphasized constant prayers, identifying his strengths, and capitalizing on them. He encouraged others facing challenges to remain focused on their goals, leave the past behind, and create a future to be proud of.

As a former coordinator of the Faculty of Arts at UI, Umar held various leadership positions throughout his academic journey. His advice to Muslim student freshers includes aiming high, setting achievable goals, being cautious about friendships, actively participating in MSSN activities, and prioritizing academics.

Umar’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring students, demonstrating that with dedication, resilience, and faith, one can overcome challenges and achieve academic excellence.


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