Hajj 2024: Alarm Raised as 2024 Hajj Pilgrims May Face Costs of Up to N6 Million.


The Association of Hajj and Umrah Operators of Nigeria (AHUON) has expressed concerns about the potential significant increase in the Hajj fare for 2024.

It is anticipated that intending pilgrims may face expenses of up to N6 million, a stark contrast to the N3 million paid for the 2023 pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

Alhaji Yahya Suleiman Nasidi, the National President of AHUON, voiced this apprehension during the 2024 Hajj sensitization seminar held in Kano, which centered on the theme, “Hajj 2024: New Challenges, Boundless Opportunity,” on Wednesday.

Alhaji Yahya Suleiman Nasidi highlighted the absence of forex allocation from the government, emphasizing that the operators have been relying on forex from the market to conduct their businesses. He expressed concern that, unless the government intervenes, this situation may persist.

Furthermore, Alhaji Yahya Suleiman Nasidi emphasized that there is a potential for a significant increase in Hajj costs for the upcoming year. While last year’s operation saw expenses at N3 million, there is a possibility that the figure could double to N6 million. In response to this, he encouraged those planning to undertake the Hajj this year to proactively arrange for the payment of their Hajj fare at the earliest convenience.

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