The Isreali- Gaza Conflict: The Hatred of Two Brothers in the Middle of Opportunists

Since the crisis between the Israelis and the Palestinians erupted last Saturday, there have been mixed reactions from all sides. Some have labeled it a religious crisis, and some call it a political crisis. But, truth be told, the conflict in that region is purely political. Destruction and violence will not help matters, rather, it will continue to degenerate further.

It’s not a surprise that those fueling the dissension and devastation have sent their secretary of state from one part of the middle east to the other. Rather than, persuading all parties to get to the discussion table in the interest of peace, equity, and regional stability, on his master’s behalf, he continues to make a show of the usual double standards.

Unfortunately, the media, international media precisely has not helped matters, instead of reeling out and feeding viewers with the truth about the cause of the uprising, they prefer to engage in propaganda and lies, thus, misleading the viewers. In order to have a balanced understanding of the situation, It’s fair to have adequate knowledge of the cause of the problem before taking sides.

It’s Day 8, and there seems to be no end in sight. As of yesterday morning, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report I watched on Aljazeera, Israel has rained (white phosphorus) chemical substances on some Gaza residents and the Lebanon border which poses great health risks on the people.

On the other hand, Hamas continues to shoot rockets into Israel’s community killing more Isreali’s. Netanyahu in Israel claimed he is fighting Hamas, and Hamas in Palestine also claimed his team is fighting the age long Israel’s illegal occupation and killings on Palestinian lands.

On the contrary, both Israel and Hamas are killing innocent civilians. Huge number of deaths have been recorded on both sides ( Israel 1,300, and Gaza 1,799 respectively ), including, the killing of children, infants, women on both sides. This is barbaric and genocidal. Besides, disunity amongst the Arab nations too is not helping matters.

To the students of history, we are aware these conflict begun decades ago, precisely, the first Israeli – Arab war in 1948 when the United Nations partitioned Palestine, and created the Israel state and the Arab state. Sadly, the dishonesty and partiality on the part of the United Nations and America thereafter is responsible for the regular and periodical devastation taking place between Palestine and Israel till date.

Once upon a time, was a group of Jews known as ” Jewish traditional movement ” also known as ” World Zionists Movement “. The group hoped to be settled in a permanent homeland in Palestine. They felt having helped Britain in World war 1 in the production of artillery shells, etc, makes them entitled and deserved some privileges from the British government.

Besides, the Jews have endured various degrees of suffering in the enclave of the Europeans, they were killed ruthlessly during the holocaust by the same Europeans e.g: Germany, etc.

In a bid to make this dream a reality, the group, headed by professor Chaise Weizmann approached Britain to assist in the creation of a permanent homeland for the Jews in Palestine, because, Britain was the ruling government in Palestine as at that era. Their effort was not fruitless, as the foreign minister of Britain Arthur Balfour made a declaration in 1917 in approval of the Jewish homeland in Palestine. Unfortunately, Britain was unable to deliver on those promises, because, in the first place, the declaration was not real, it was declared on the grounds of falsehood and hypocrisy, because, from time immemorial their interest has always been on the side of the Arab people in Palestine.

It’s a natural phenomenon that, when people are pushed to the wall, having experienced massive sufferings, they overreact and become monsters. Such was the fate of the Jewish people, after a while, a terrorist group amongst them emerged known as ” Irgun and Lehi “. They fought and killed most of the British officials in Palestine. The news got to Britain which angered most of the British people and the government. It led to an uprising tagged
” Operation hang all Jews ” in Liverpool, Plymouth, etc, So many Jews were murdered in cold blood in England. At times, it surprises some of us when Europe and America accuses other nations of terrorism, it’s crystal clear from the foregoing that they are not left out too.

Britain couldn’t create the long awaited homeland for the Jews, and, later transferred the task on the governing council of the newly established United Nations. A delegate was sent to Palestine to hold a conference with the majority Arab residents and the minority Jewish people, but, the conference ended in deadlock. The delegate returned to the UN and votes was cast to decide the partitioning of the Arab – Isreal states in Palestine in 1948, which is the cause of the conflict till date.

Well, there is no doubt Isreal has now become an annex of America in the middle east heavily armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons, a clear result of the 3.8 billion dollars military aid it received annually from it’s Master in America.

The courage reflecting on the face of Netanyahu and his allies is noticeable, because, having forcibly acquired and occupied Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights in 1967 after the war, Gaza especially, has become hell on earth for the Palestinians. They have no freedom, they pass through checkpoints regularly at all nooks and crannies of the community with the aim of restricting their movement by the Israelis. Infact, Israel bombed their airport in 2001 cutting them from international communities, an oppression that can never be tolerated and accepted by the Israelis. And sadly, Gaza has limited access to portable water, while, Israel provided good water to all its citizens tapping from the sea around Gaza, from which they constructed a long pipe to Israel.

In addition, Golan heights, an illegally occupied territory by Israel was arrogantly recognized and officially included as part of Israel by Donald Trump in 2016, in spite of, the United Nations condemnation, because, he believes no nation would challenge his authority.

As usual, the congress in America condemned the Hamas attack on their annex, Israel, and, deliberately ignored and refused to address the illegal occupation of Israel on the Palestinian land. But, the same congressmen in America were swift to issue a warrant of arrest on Putin in Russia for committing similar atrocities as Netanyahu in Israel.

It’s impossible to rule out the fact that, Israel created a monster out of the Palestinians, which is now hunting them. You can’t occupy your neighbors land illegally and continue to molest, humiliate, and kill them and even arm the settlers with ammunition, despite, the United Nations, and the Human Right Watch condemnation. Well, most of the blame is on the toothless bulldog, United Nations.

For emphasis, the Palestinians horrible reactions are similar to the ugly and barbaric ways of the British government decades ago when they tricked the Jewish people in Palestine with the Balfour declaration in 1917, that a Jewish homeland would be created in Palestine that never came to reality.

Consequently, the same Jewish people were pushed to the wall and became terrorists known as the Irgun and Lehi group after enduring sufferings under the British government in Palestine. They became the Hamas of that time and wrecked devastating havoc on the land. They are still working as part of Israeli’s secret service till date.

According to records, these guys are mostly sent by Israel to forcibly pull out the Palestinians in Gaza, and thus, enforce the illegal occupation on the territory.

It is dehumanizing that the owner of a building should wake up in the morning, and out of the blue, Israeli soldiers arrives forcing the rightful owners out of the house with the claim that the home has been taken over by Israeli settler willy-nilly. These are some of the primary causes of the crisis in that region. Yet, America and its western allies do not regard this as terrorism.

As a result of the guilt and shame, Israel refuses to open it’s door for international investigation, and also evades and continues to evade International Criminal Court ( ICC ) investigations on war crimes it has committed and is still committing, because, of the backing of it’s mentor and godfathers in America. Infact, there was a time when the ICC wanted to use force on Israeli’s Netanyahu and some of the past rulers, but, America warned the ICC to desist or face sanctions.

On a final note, the solution for the peace and stability in the middle east is for Israel to allow a full independence of the Palestinian state, since, it already exists independently with the support of America, and also stop the illegal occupation of Gaza and other regions.

However, Hamas organization’s cruel and ruthless attack on Israel should be condemned, because, there is no justification for the act. Nonetheless, they are freedom fighters, the same description professor Bolaji Akinyemi, former Minister of external affairs used for them in an interview on Arise TV a few days ago on The Morning Show. Similar, to the Irgun and Lehi militant Jewish group that fought the British officials in Palestine for the creation of a permanent homeland for the Jewish people in the 1940s.

Thank you for reading.

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