Jumu’ah Post: Close Call

With the rate at which we defy Allah SWT’s commands and prefer our own desire over what the noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been divinely sent to come and guide us with, it is worthy to say that we have, for a long time, been living on a timebomb and it is definitely only Allah’s mercy that still sees to our existence, because we are in a close call to doom, if only we can realize it, as older generations before ours – that defied Allah’s orders just like we are doing – have been wiped away. “How many a generation We destroyed before them, and they cried out when it was no longer the time for escape.” [Sad 38:3].

Indeed, the statement of Allah is worthy of careful reflection. It shows we are still within the limit of caution and once it is exceeded, we may not be so lucky. Regardless of that thought, the aim should be to always be cautious and conscious of the Almighty’s presence, so as to be among the people and nation that He is pleased with.

Islam keeps gaining followership on a regular basis, proving the multitude of those who want to be on the path of salvation, from now till eternity. Our Islam should also reflect this, rather than take it with levity or be among those who are out of its folds.

It’s obvious that the feeling is tensed when we live in fear/anxiety, as we don’t know if we will, afterwards, live to tell the tale of a close call, but when we stick to the ideals and legislated norms, we are, at least, better off. May Allah preserve us on the right path of Islam, Aameen.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com

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