Jumu’ah Post: Fortification of Evils By Weakening The truth

Apparently, there is no evil that cannot be laid-off, provided the counter responsive action to tackle such evil is utilized. Some ills are complex, and while they may seem irredeemable, all that is needed to do is to meticulously walk our way to the remedial corner that will defang any sort of serpentine nature they may bear. Some are, in essence, to be approached softly – maybe in just as simple a form, as verbal intervention – for their embers to cool off. But to look heedlessly and stay mute on actions of bringing the truth of finding solutions to life, is to enable the vices to prevail, with a consequence which may be uglier than imagined.

Ills are of different nature, depending on their roots of existence, and therefore it’s a matter of different strokes, where each of them are tackled according to what prompted them. To find out what gave rise to them and what, where and who they tend to hurt the more, determines the effective way to lay them off. Failure to recognise this truth fortifies the evils the more.

The world of today, as majority are aware of, is in a state of moral, mental, spiritual, intellectual mess, whereby what is known, and universally recognized, to be the ideal and rewarding way of life is now seen as backwardness, while applauds and accolades are showered on immorality – nudity, disrespect, betrayal, decorum loss, marital infidelity, etc.

Narrowing this to our country, Nigeria, it’s apparent in almost every circle of our society, where it all seem that even the slightest form of sanity appears to be vanished.

Amplifying the existence of these evils, assuming one is even alien to the knowledge of what’s negatively wrong in the society, is the Social Media buffoonery that even seem to be the capital of all form of these vices. It’s there in the needless, never-ending character defamation of scholars, promotion of nudity and LGBTQ, jesting of Islam, etc. Outside the social media, our immediate environments are also not helping matters, with both physical and emotional insecurity on the rise, and it all seem as if there is no possible solution.

Surely, there’s no problem without a way to overcome it. The problems we currently face as a world of group of people is not the main issue, but the lack of counter response, in both action and word, from authorities and other people of influence on each specific issue, is what is rather worrisome. Once there is a major commitment from said people, to find and tackle the roots the problems stem from, the world can be assured of returning to its expected status quo of sanity. As said earlier, the designations of expected authorities vary and with each of them extending, in truth, their required gesture of reformation to where it concerns them, then it’s only a matter of time that our hope of having a sane world will be fulfilled.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com

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