Jumu’ah Post: Reflections

Among the varieties of things that set one’s feet on the path of upholding the ideals of some remarkable events (sacred or non-sacred) and that of leading a livelihood of wisdom, peace, dutifulness, humility and selflessness is reflection, and reflection only takes motion by careful and meticulous sincere innerly processed thoughts about being sincere to what the cause of these events really entails and how they can lead to an existence that would proffer utmost advantages, as against disadvantages.

Reflection also comes in form of thinking about one’s personal life and the events of the world in general, with the aim of analyzing, in thought, how things can be made better in faulted areas and how the better can be made best. A self-reflecting person is said to be one with a deep sense of safety, peace, intellect, and remedy, and it is rare for such a person to be lax in making the world a better place.

The world gives us, at our disposal, every opportunity to reflect, as every situation in it are filled with lessons to be thought about, and to think about them in a constructive manner, rather than a destructive manner, is to pave way for a life of both worldly and hereafter benefit.

Islamically speaking, series of moments that keep rolling in occasionally are opportunities to reflect upon their relevance and benefits, by Muslims. Ramadan is a time known to be of great sacrifices that come with huge rewards at the slightest honor of those sacrifices. It’s a month in which there’s no guarantee to see it’s next year’s arrival, and a sincere reflection on this sacred time will ignite the passion to make the best use of it, to fulfill worldly and hereafter reward, with the intention of the hereafter taking more weight, for that is more pleasing to Allah SWT.

Likewise, the event of Eid ul Adha, and the preceding activities connected with it, which have been historically justified, and some of which are in practice by Muslims today, is a point worthy of our sincere reflection too, as the lessons in them are not just there, but meant to be imbibed in our daily lives, in order to transit us into upgraded faith, gratitude, sincerity of intention, patience and reliance on Allah.

Our life, in general, as Muslims, is worthy of reflection, as every nooks and crannies of what makes up the Deen isn’t by accident but by the decree of the Most High, and only Him is unquestionably in the knowledge of why those activities have come to be and what they truly stand to represent. In the affair of the world – both the good and bad – the myriad of lessons that our existence in the world offer us is too tangible to let slide, without giving deep reflection on them. If quality thoughts can be processed on every activity we experience in life, without looking down on anyone of them, we will be able to navigate every one of them to our massive advantages going forward, and a fulfilling and stable existence can be achieved.

No one has been identified to live a life of careful reflection and regret it. It’s an attitude that never goes wrong. May Allah spare our lives on sincere intentions of making every of our affair a better one in this Dunya and a beneficial one in the hereafter, Aameen.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com


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