Jumu’ah Post: Repress the joy when in comfort

Suppression of that spark of joyous mood that comes with a win, is something which may meet our reluctance due to our nature of showing out something that seem positive in our lives. Similarly, we are quick to waive off the negative things associated with us, due to our nature of not wanting people to associate them with us. Expression of, outrightly, our achievement is to be suppressed to a reasonable extent such that we don’t go overboard when doing so and the moderation which Allah SWT wants can be ensured. Allah is the One who, by His merciful will, makes the achievement of an achiever well known, in the positive sense of it, even beyond what the achiever expects of its anticipated fame.

All we, as Allah’s creatures and – beyond that – believers, need to hold on to, is the fact that we should strive for the best of this world, with an accompanying humility based reaction of celebration, not because we want to live a boring life of no celebration galore, while Allah does His work of perfection by bringing us to the spot light. It does not need to be that our efforts will be channeled to over praising ourselves and showing off our possessions in certain situations. The humility that remains in the disposition of an achiever, could mostly be the reason Allah will keep elevating him.

Allah says “Do not (contemptuously) turn your face away from people, nor tread haughtily upon earth. Allah does not love the arrogant and the vainglorious.” [Al Luqman 31:18]. Pride precedes one’s fall and even the Almighty frowns at show-off, for the power that gets us any privilege is from Him. When we have done our part which, by Allah, has led to success with joy-filled praises in the moderate way, the rest of the elevation should be left to be handled by the One who has brought the pleasing moment.

May Allah guide us in all our dealings, Aameen

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com


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