Jumu’ah Post: To Defy The Order Is To Deny The Benefit

To Defy The Order Is To Deny The Benefit: It is expected that certain rules or injunctions guide and mould – into shape – the existence of the various locales of existence. These locales, in their real sense, are the rules themselves, for those rules are what propagated the existence of such locales and invariably, it is appealing to say we live in laid down rules that have been geographically dispersed across different places. The order which different places tend to undergo is a result of the total sum of the rules – culture structure – of those places and this is what gives them their distinctive cultural status. So, to agree to be in a particular locale is to be willing to abide by their standards.

Countries, States, Associations, Groups have what they are known to operate with, which gives them identity and through which they form their respective modus operandi, and if these methods of operation seem to be valuable to them, they hold unto it and enact every pieces of it on members, for the sake of propagation of more success and tranquility among them.

To defy or go against this established order is to disrupt the system, which may be catastrophic, in different degrees, according to the extent of such defiance. Disregard for the rules of engagement, no matter how seemingly mild, is no thing to be joyed, or invested, upon. The dark spot that such act of defiance leaves, no matter how little, could have been a beneficial result if the rules were followed, for everyone knows that even a little step towards what is right, will always birth right things, as there will be nothing good to lose.

Staying off the rules, on the other hand, is a risk that comes with its consequences which, in most times, are not palatable. It pains to know that rules are broken by those in the helms of affairs of such rules, and this ignites the spark of imbalance in the system that is been governed, after which any remedial step to be taken towards it, may be considered needless, for it may now be a case of ‘campaign after election’, or meet with a situation where destruction outweighs the remedy.

Regions where the issue of defiance to law and order, among which Nigeria stays on top, are prone to crumble in every aspect of their constituent structure, either violently or in a manner that violence doesn’t really befit its description, but not without putting them in a state of community frenzy which eventually triggers tension that distracts the minds from knowing the steps to take to seek solutions. The deviation from right steppings, is a virus that settles in a greedy mind that wants to selfishly maneuver the law, and gradually creeps its way through, to the innermost part that eventually steals away the conscience. This, of course, is not without its consequence of losing on the beneficial reward of sticking with the law.

May Allah make us firm upon everything good and give us steadfastness that makes the invitation to evil or corruption unappealing, Aameen.

Ismail Abogunde, Editor-in-Chief at The Muslim Voice, Nigeria. Contact: abogundedarey@gmail.com


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