2023 Hajj: UK Muslims to Pay Between £6,455 and £14,034 Each

Muslims in the UK who intend to do the Hajj this year must pay anywhere from £6,455 to £14,034, according to a source.

5 Pillars, a news, opinion and analysis-based website which concentrates on British Muslim news has reported that, “The prices are for flights from London and Manchester for two weeks or more in Makkah and Medinah from mid June to early July. They range from basic packages to luxury ones.
“This year’s Hajj will take place from June 26-July 1.”

“The document was released on an official UK Hajj Telegram group and was based on data from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah which announced earlier this year that Muslims from western countries need to book their Hajj via a new app called Nusuk.” Nusuk Hajj is the only platform formally approved by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to provide Hajj services for the year 1444-2023. It has been established to provide a unique spiritual Hajj journey.

“Previously, Hajj tours have been booked through and organised by local travel agents in the pilgrims’ countries of origin.” Similarly, 5 Pillars said further, “But now Saudi agencies have partnered with local travel agencies in western countries to help organise pilgrims.”

In Nigeria, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) pegged the cost of a seat of 2023 Hajj to be paid by Nigerian intending Pilgrims at a total cost of a little less than three million Naira only. NAHCON Chairman, Zikirullah Kunle Hassan, said in April that, “pilgrims flying from Yola and Maiduguri will pay N2,8000,000 while those flying from other northern states will pay N2,919,000.00 only.”

Similarly, the chairman said the southern part of the country has six different costs for hajj. He noted that pilgrims from Edo state will pay N2,968,000.00, while those from Ekiti and Ondo will pay N2,i80,000.000. “Pilgrims travelling from Cross River will pay N2,943,000.00, those from Osun will pay N2,983,000.00 while pilgrims from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states will pay N2,999,000.000.”

While Indonesia pilgrims intending for the 2023 hajj will endeavour a significant about 30 percent increase fare at IDR 49.8 million (US$3.281.13) against IDR 39.89 million made during 2022 hajj, reliable data stated. As Indonesia has the highest number of participating pilgrims globally with no less than 220 thousand pilgrims allocated for 2023 exercise.

Corresponding data shows Bangladesh government places raise in the cost of 2023 hajj by TK 59,000 equivalent to (US$560,99) while Malasia cost of hajj 2023 rose to RM31,000, an increase of RM2,368 when compared to RM28,632 per pilgrim paid in 2022.

Also, pilgrims in Pakistan are expected to pay a 68 per cent increase for the 2023 hajj, despite the introduction of ballot selection of pilgrims. However, about 25 per cent of the Pakistani population are allowed to make payments on dollar equivalent. Though, more costly, dollarized pilgrims are offered automatic seats and also exempted from taking part in the balloting process.

There is an increase of $1,5000 in hajj cost for this year in Singapore. The cheapest hajj package in Singapore for 2023 hajj is pegged at $8,490, equivalent to N3,909,475 per pilgrim while an average package price per person stands at $14,150 N6,515,480.70.

“Ghanaian government also pegged final hajj fare for the year 2023 at GHS75,000 (US$6,500) against GHS 39,000 pilgrims paid last year. In Tunisia, pilgrims will pay US$9,884 against (US$5,279) paid in 2022 while intended pilgrims from Morocco are expected to pay US$7,698 as against (US$6,337) paid in 2022. Pilgrims from Egypt are charged an increase of US$6,910 against (US$4,375) paid in the previous year,” report said.

According to Ibrahim Muhammed, “The impact of exchange rates in the computation of payment for hajj services the US dollar is widening the gap in hajj fare – and it can only get higher. Many sitting factors favour this position. Exchange rates, Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, aviation market projection, expansion of hajj businesses by both hajj participating countries and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


FlyNas Signed 2023 Hajj Agreement with NAHCON

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