Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri (AUM), Borno’s First Private University, Starts Classes!

Al-Ansar University in Maiduguri started its first undergraduate courses on February 15th, 2023.

The institution claims that this development marks a significant milestone for the newly established university, which aims to provide quality education to students in Nigeria and beyond.

In a same vein, the university’s faculty members, staff, and students are excited about this new chapter in their academic journey and look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Al-Ansar University is well-positioned to have a beneficial influence on the Nigerian educational system and make a contribution to the development of the nation with a strong emphasis on academic quality and a dedication to generating graduates who are well-rounded.

The University’s vision is to be a world-class academic institution where faith, innovation and service are nurtured for the advancement of human development.

The management of Al-Ansar University stated, “As a University of high quality, it is open to men and women without discrimination on grounds of culture, race, religion, disability, gender, and or socio-economic background. The philosophy of the Al-Ansar University is also built on the need to encourage and motivate young people, especially from the population of Borno State and indeed Northeast geo-political zone, to open their minds and embrace Western education as means for the growth and development of society without fear of neglect of Islam and Islamic values, as well as to offer service to humanity.”

“The University is geared towards the values of equity, justice, airiness, knowledge, innovation, service, and above all the fear of God. The main emphasis of University is the search for knowledge through teaching and research, which shall make it attractive to those in search of innovation, ideas and services for the growth and development of society and service to humanity.”

“A strong pillar of the philosophy of the Al-Ansar University its Islamic orientation. The aim is to achieve an excellent environment that combines the best of Western education, functioning within an Islamic cultural setting. This shall ensure that all students who pass through the University at the undergraduate level are moulded to reflect a deep appreciation of Islamic culture.

“Furthermore, the University shall seek to expand the understanding, appreciation and use of Arabic language in core Muslim Northern Nigeria. This is based on the belief that a better usage of Arabic language shall make for easier, deeper and better understanding of lslam. The overall goal is to nurture a University Where people are trained with and made to imbibe the fear of Allah (SWT) and the practices of the Prophet (SAW) without discrimination on the basis of religion, tribe, Culture, nationality, colour, or gender.”


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One comment on “Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri (AUM), Borno’s First Private University, Starts Classes!

Jamilu t tahir

I’ll like to first of all thank the founder of this university dr. mohammed kyari dikwa for this great intiative may may Allah (swa) reward him profoundly. Please i will to know the courses offered by the university. Thanks as you respond


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