CrestHive International School Hosts Inter House Sports Competition

On 9th February, 2022, it was a day worthy to be remembered, as students and pupils of the CrestHive International School (CIS), gathered to witness the school’s Inter House Sports competition, held recently at the Osogbo Grammar School, Osun State, with Abdulkareem (Blue) House emerging as the overall winner with 308 points.

Photo: A trophy is presented by the proprietor to a Blue House representative.

The third biannual Inter House sports competition for CIS, Osogbo, was recently held at the Osogbo Grammar School, Osun State, and it was a day to remember for the students and pupils who participated. Abdulkareem (Blue) House won the overall competition with 308 points, making it a memorable day for everyone who attended.

Sysavane house (Green) finished second with 277 points, and Salami house (Red) took third place with 274 points. With 234 points, Oluogun House (Yellow) placed fourth.

The pupils participated in track and field competitions in which they competed in short and long distance races, long and high jumps, picking balls out of bottles, and more. The students’ performances of their skills and talents delighted and excited their parents, visitors, and well-wishers.

After clapping and cheering for the students earlier, parents and teachers took part in the track race.

In an interview with The Muslim Voice NG, Mr. Saheed Amao, the Director of CrestHive International School Osogbo, stated that the school focuses on academics and talents building, so if a child is good in academics and he does not have an athletic house he may not be a round and balanced child. We all know that every time they will say that we need to exercise our body. So we are training our kids so that they will have the kind of balanced life.

He said, “In fact, it has been quoted many times that a strong Muslim is better than a weak Muslim. This is just the basis why we come virtually every two years to bring out the best in our kids not in an academic environment but in athletics and other sports’ activities.”

The school proprietor explained that Identifying great talents starts from a very young age of childhood. For instance, age of four. “So, I want to appeal the government to focus on more of the grassroots sports’ activities. Let us go to the primary school to bring out the talents and let’s follow them through and do not allow favouritism to be the main reason why we identity talents, let it be on competency and capability.”

One of the parents who attend the athletic tournament held by the school in Osogbo, Barrister Abdulkareem Azeez, remarked, “It has been a really rich experience,” while describing his feelings about the occasion.

He indicated that it is not easy to combine sports with academics but it’s important because the student needs to be physically and mentally alert in order for them to study properly. “We appreciate the management of the school for organizing this inter house sport and we persuade the government to support these, you talents; We have some people with Taekwondo experience, 400 meters, high jump. The is the platform for the sport industry to nurture talents so that Ministry of Sports and Youth development can move around and build talents from the grassroot so they can nurture them to national level.”

The legal eminence continued, “We advise the sports industry to look forward to this inter house competition and pick the best of them.”

CrestHive, a premium world class international day and boarding mixed school, is made of three sections: the Early Years, Primary and Secondary Department. The School remains one of the great success stories in independent qualitative western education. According to the management, CIS has been providing quality international education to meet the needs of the rapidly growing, diverse community in the world, thus emerged as a recognized leader in academic excellence and character formation aimed at being a great citadel of learning where great leaders are made.




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