Jumu’ah Post: Merits of Forbearance

Our respective abilities to device a reasonably tangible threshold to bear favourable and unfavorable situation differs in different situations of pleasure and hardship, but establishing and maintaining an emotional or mental standard to stay firm, as a required action, in every affair, remains a very good commitment to forbearance. This can be made better if it becomes a norm in, virtually, every of our affair.

Forbearance – Patience – is a condition that not just take into consideration only the momentary event, but it ingrains in its bearer, a sense of open-mindedness that considers the effect of his reaction to the present situation on the future. This kind of gesture reduces the effect, or totally cancels, all forms of negative consequence that may come forth as a result of the present situation, for humans are, in most cases, wired to be taken in by gullibility in reaction to a situation.

Forbearance is the quality that shakes off such weakness, which is why I personally perceive the patient ones as “firm-minded.” A patient minded one is, in most cases, immune against complex atrocities, for his mind is shielded against the temptations to act against what is logically and morally required of him.

A life tool employed to navigate the course of life to attain peace and strengthen the mind to always be convinced about the best out of all situation has alot – if not all – to do with forbearance and perseverance. It is one of the most visible traits of a believer that if it is lacking, the status of one’s mu’min is questionable. A believer leads his life in such a way that any affairs of his, is considered his destiny and the patience it takes in realizing this fact is what makes him surrender the disposition of his affairs to the One who brought it upon him, thereby leading a life of ease with no worries of how to stress himself beyond limits. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The affair of the believer is amazing. All of his affairs are good for him, and this only applies to the true believer.”

Self restraint – taking few steps back – to make an appropriate move in reaction to matters, matters a lot in our dealings with both the present and future, as an instant action can make or mar an existence of a lifetime.

May Allah, in all respect, guide us aright in the carefully handling of our affairs, Aameen.


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