An-Nadwah 2023: Islamic Scholars Advise Muslims on Political Participation

An-Nadwah 2023 is an occasional program organized by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria B-ZONE. It is organized periodically when situation calls for it. Where notable scholars would discuss and give scholarly verdicts on any arising issue pertaining to Islaam and the affairs of Muslims in general. This year’s own is themed: One Ummah, One Voice. And the topic being; The Nigerian Muslim Ummah & Political participation: Any meeting point?

All the invited notable scholars did justice to the given topic with justifications from the Qur’ān and Sunnah. Among the invited Shuyūkh are: Prof. AbdulHafis Oladosu (Dept of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadan), Shaykh Imran AbdulMajeed Eleha, (Darun Na’im, Lagos), Shaykh AbdulRasheed Hadiyatullah (Chairman, Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria), Shaykh M T Sulayman (from Kaduna State), Shaykh AbdulRofii Al Ijebuwiyy (Grand Mufti of Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State), Dr. Asrau Bilal (Iwo Osun State), Dr. Abdulwasii Awwal (Ondo State), Dr. Buniyamin Bello (Oyo State), Shaykh Tajudeen Abdulkareem Al-Adaby Baba-Lagbeni (Ibadan, Oyo State), Dr. AbdulJabbar AbdulRasheed Buwayb (Osun State), Shaykh FadlRahman Taiwo (Oyo State), Imam Bashir Olasunkanmi (Osun State), Shaykh AbdulGaniy Olagunju (Osun State), Shaykh AbdulRasheed Mayaleke (Ogun State), Shaykh AbdulRasaq AbdulHamid Akuru (Oyo State) and others.

Almighty Allah in His sublime wisdom revealed many verses concerning leadership and politics. Muslims are affirmed by Allah to be the best of nations, worthy of being leaders as they have the needed tools to rectify the widespread evils. “You are the best nation brought forth for mankind, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in God If the People of the Book had believed, it would have been better for them Among them are the believers and most of them are disobedient”. [Al-Imraan (3): 110]

It is a necessity upon every Muslims to enjoin good and forbid evil to the best of their abilities. If every Muslims should desist from participating in politics, the affairs of the Muslims will be left, yet again, in the hands of the disbelievers. Once the enemies of Allah mount power, they would surely trample upon the rights of Muslims. And it has been divinely affirmed that they (the unbelievers) can never have our interest in mind. “Neither the Jews nor the Christians will be satisfied with you until you follow their religion..”[Al-Baqarah (2): 120].

In similar sense, we should be ready to rectify our individual inactions for Allah, blessed and exalted is He, with the perfection of His justice and the perfection of His wisdom, does not change the condition of a people from good to evil, from evil to good, from prosperity to hardship, and from hardship to prosperity, until they change what is within themselves. He says; (Definitely, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves [Ar-Ra’d: 11].

Although, it is wrong and infact an act of kufr (disbelief) to belief that, “democracy” is a system of government that can replace the “Shari’a” of Allah. But, believing democracy is a means/process of choosing leaders is more safer. Islaam should be practiced without any prejudice whatsoever. Massive active participation of Muslims in politics is for our own very good. The disbelievers would stop at nothing in radicalizing all the sectors in the country. Leaving the Muslims to be at the receiving end, while claiming victims.

Moreso, the major priority of every Muslims should be to support any of our brethren that wishes to participate in politics. They shouldn’t be left on their own, rather, they should be given continuous reminders in order to set their feet on track. This nation is undoubtedly spoilt already and Muslims are the only ones with the efficient tools to amend it and of course with Allah’s aid. Folding our arms, turning blind eye to the affairs of the country and not supporting people of our like minds would unequivocally create more spaces of power and oppression for the disbelievers over us.

The Second Session (Interactive Section)

It was asked that, how do we balance between the rules of politics and the law of Allah while participating in politics?

• First, we cannot because we are not able to use Shari’a, then allow the disbelievers to be totally. If there are other means than to be passive in it which results in greater evils, preference would have been given to them. “And fear Allah as much as you are able, and listen and obey and spend for the good of yourselves.” [At-Tagābun: 16]

• Islaam and politics are interwoven as there are several verses of Allah affirming the importance of selecting good leaders and obeying them.

• Those Muslims presented to be leaders must be checked occasionally.

Those Muslims presented to be leaders must be checked occasionally

In this present situation of ours in Nigeria, our active participation as Muslims in politics is very much needed. No doubt, democracy is a problem and being passive in it is even a greater problem. If one should be faced with two challenges/problems, the dangers of both should be weighed and this one with a lesser danger should be considered.

Conclusively, preference must be given to a Muslim candidate and infact, outmost support should be accorded to him. Indeed, this is better than acknowledging the enemies of Allah to be the sole director of our affairs. And Muslim leaders must try their possible best to rule according to the dictates of Allah. For Almighty Allah does not aid a leader who does not maintain the principles of Allah as entrenched in His Glorious Book.

We beseech unto Allah to cleanse our nation of every form of corruption, set right our affairs and make our leaders tools for comfort for us and not weapon of punishment upon us. May Almighty Allah make the best among the Muslim contestants our leader and guide him to restore the lost glory of our nation.


MSSN B-ZONE, eleventh (11th) Annual symposium, Ibadan 2022

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