MSSN Demands Funding for Digitization of Islamic Related Contents

Digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital form, also known as digital enablement. Muslims need to invest immediately in ICT content and digitization that is adapted to Islam, according to the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN).

The call was made by MSSN in a statement issued at the conclusion of its 79th National Islamic Vacation Course (NIVC), which was conducted in Ilorin and jointly signed by Malam Muhammad Bin Isa, the National Chairman, and Malam Auwal Yunus, the Secretary.

The statement states that investment in Islamic digitization has become necessary, to preserve the future generation in the fast developing world of technology.

“There is an urgent need for spiritual and moral training and investment using Islamized digitalization and ICT content development for the preservation of our future generation.”

The Muslim Ummah has been tasked by the Islamic organization to take all legal measures possible against any infringement on the freedom and religious rights of Muslim sisters with appropriate sanction on violators.

It said that Western civilization and the crave for mobile phone acquisition have negative societal influence on children’s upbringing and referred to the level of decadence in the Tarbiyah, or good manners, among the general ummah as disgusting.

The MSSN denounced “the persistent insult or denial of female Muslim students of their freedom of expression in other parts of the country” while praising the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the wearing of the hijab.


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