Why We Stop December 31st/January 1st Tahajjud, Cross-Over Activities- NAṢFAT

Naṣru-l-Lāhi-l-Fātih (NAṢFAT), a leading Muslim society has stopped all December 31st/January 1st Tahajjud and Cross-Over Activities in all her location globally.

Naṣru-l-Lāhi-l-Fātih (NAṢFAT). Photo: Wikipedia

In a letter from the Mission Board Secretariat signed by Abdul-Ganiyy Raji, National Da’wah Officer/Mission Board Secretary to all NAṢFAT Missioners worldwide on December 27th, 2022 announced the “Prohibition of December 31st/January 1st Tahajjud/All Cross-Over Activities at NAṢFAT Locations Worldwide.”

The letter reads:

“This is to inform all NAṢFAT Missioners that programmes marking the end of the year 2022 or the beginning of the year 2023 are banned in all branches and groups of NAṢFAT.

“Missioners who violate this order, by holding December 31st/January Tahajjud 1st or any Cross-over programme in their branches or groups will be subjected to stringent punitive measures.

“In the meantime, Missioners are urged to educate their members that holding special prayers or Tahajjud to mark the end or beginning of the year has no place in our religion.

“True Muslims do not need to wait for the year to end or start before asking Allah for His mercy, protection and blessings. True Muslims are in touch with Allah at all times.

“We are a Muslim Society. Therefore, we must at all times keep strictly to our Islamic identity. Any attempt to compromise our Islamic identity or portray us as a society imitating non-Muslims, by any member of the Mission Board will be met with serious consequences.

“We will be in touch with our informants across branches and groups to obtain information on possible breaches of this order,” the letter added.

NAṢFAT was founded some 27 years ago in the room of one committed Muslim, which has now metamorphosed into an international Muslim society. The organisation today has over three hundred branches, over 1 million members and over 1000 Imams spread in different parts of the world.


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One comment on “Why We Stop December 31st/January 1st Tahajjud, Cross-Over Activities- NAṢFAT

Olayiwola Kehinde Lateefat

Alhamadulillah!!! This is a great development May Allah continue to increase us all with His idayah.


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