At 38, Aisha Sani Maikudi Becomes the Youngest Female Law Professor in Nigeria

Aisha Sani Maikudi was one of 49 academic staff members who received a promotion to the rank of professor by the University of Abuja’s Governing Council. She is now a professor of international law. 

She was born in Zaria, Nigeria, on the 31st January 1983. She received the LLB degree from the University of Reading in the UK, the LLM from the London School of Economics, UK, the BL from the Nigeria Law School and the Ph.D from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. 

Aisha did the National Youth Service Corps at the Corporate Secretariat and Legal Division of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in 2007. In 2008, she joined the University of Abuja as a Lecturer 2 and in 2018, became an Associate Professor of International Law. She specializes in United Nations Law and has written extensively on the area. She floated a Postgraduate course on United Nations Law and has supervised numerous undergraduate and postgraduate works.

In 2014, she became the first female Head of Department, from the Faculty of Law, in 2018, the first female Vice Dean, Faculty of Law and in 2019, the pioneer Director, University of Abuja International Centre. She is a Member of various professional associations: the Nigerian Bar Association, the Nigerian Law Teachers Association, the International Federation of Women Lawyers and the Nigerian Institute of Management. UniAbuja shares her story:


As a child, Aisha always knew she would make a good lawyer. Little did she know, she would teach people how to be good lawyers! Law is like life to her.

Little Aisha would lie on the bed in her room, poring through countless number of fictional books with legal backgrounds, which her dad, Alhaji Sani Maikudi, FNIQs had carefully arranged on his shelf. When she was done, she would go on arguing with family, and probing into issues the way lawyers do.

Tired of all this early display of lawyerly demeanor, her mum Dr (Mrs) Asmau Sani Maikudi would make a snide remark at her, ‘Hmm, sannu lawyer!’ (Well done lawyer!”). “My mum couldn’t understand why at that age I became too passionate about anything law,” she explains.

To Aisha, “I find law an excellent match for my personality and strengths, especially because of its peculiar nature which appreciates logical, clear, reasoned arguments, and sound presentation of evidence.” And the professor of law feels she is well equipped for its theory and practice.

According to her, “You need great memory, excellent communication and argumentation skills, the ability to interpret complex information, write concisely and accurately, form sound arguments to communicate with confidence as well as research and negotiation skills. Law is such an important part of our everyday life and applies in all our daily transactions. I see law as life because without it, humanity would have perished. Law is basically omnipresent.”

She owes her development in the profession to her “parents, and I came across people outside my family that encouraged and edged me on.”

In 2008, when she joined the University of Abuja as a Lecturer 2, she began to work harder. She soon became the first female and youngest head of department, Faculty of Law in 2014. In 2018, she was appointed as the first female Deputy Dean, Faculty of Law and proceeded to become the first and youngest pioneer director, University of Abuja International Centre in 2019.

Earlier, Aisha had started her legal career after earning LLB from the University of Reading, UK; LLM from the London School of Economics, UK; and PhD from the University of Abuja, Nigeria.

As a Professor of International Law, Aisha Sani Maikudi, becomes the youngest professor of law in Nigeria and the only female law professor from Katsina State, and indeed, the North West Region. “I have no words to express my joy. I am extremely happy and grateful to Allah for actualising my dream,” she enthuses.

Having achieved her intellectual goals, she adds that, ” I intend to move on with my spiritual goals by memorising as many verses of the Quran as Allah grants me the privilege to do.”

She will also continue to mentor the youth, develop new skills, and be an agent of change, especially in service and social responsibility.

Additional information from University of Abuja, Nigeria.


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3 comments on “At 38, Aisha Sani Maikudi Becomes the Youngest Female Law Professor in Nigeria


Congratulations Prof. Aisha & to Nigeria in general.

Nasir danbatta

Congratulations!! May Allah bless your knowlege to be beneficial to globally peoples.

Lamara Garba

Masha Allah, as you assumed the rank of Professor at this tender age, In Sha Allah, Allah will grant your prayer to memorize the Holy Qur”an. May Allah make it easy for you. Ki game DVC and becomes the 2nd female VC of UniAbuja. And be the wonder lady, just as did my sister, Prof. Laraba Gambo Abdullahi.


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