4 Top Muslim Video Creators in Nigeria 2022

The Muslim Voice, Nigeria today released its Muslim Video Creators 2022 Top Four lists in Nigeria. The country’s top 4 Nigerian creators on Social Media this year reflects the growing popularity of original content produced by Nigerian Muslim creators on social media platforms with Mufti Yaks, Ashraf Akintola, Qaribasmad and Balogun Abeeblah Ajibola of Alfabeeb Trado-poetics all dominating this category.

This year’s creators’ list consists of social media accounts that share street Islamic interviews video story contents, Qur’an competitions/quizzes, Nasiha, indigenous Islamic and Arabic poetry. We focused mainly on Arabic, Yoruba and English language based videos.

The selection of the top Nigerian Muslims trending videos on Social media for 2022 is based on a range of factors, beyond just viewership. For example, we also consider content quality, idea originality, engagement while also looking at signals like shares and likes.

Below is the full list of the top 4 creators in Nigeria in 2022.

1. Mufti Yaks

Mufti Yaks is a motivational and inspirational speaker from Kano. He was born and raised in Nigeria. He goes around promoting the message of peace. He tries to explain and make people understand the problems of communities and different societies across the globe and how those problems can be solved.

Mufti Yaks is very passionate about kids and children who find themselves in homes where there is no love and good family relationship.

Abuja based Muslim influencer, topped the list, shares motivational video contents basically in English via YouTube and sometimes Facebook attracting millions of viewers all year round.

Facebook: 1. Profile (Mufti Yaks) 2. Page (Mufti Yaks).

Instagram/YouTube: Mufti Yaks Daily

Tictok: Mufti Yaks Daily

2. Ashraf Akintola

Ashraf Akintola, a entrepreneur, researcher, author, poet and a public speaker. He is well known for his Islamic and Arabic poems that touches on topics like Tawheed, morals, growth, motivation etc. Ashraf is also a lead presenter at the channel official At’tamyeez TV is another top muslim creator on Social media in Nigeria this year.

He graduated from the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Ilorin Nigeria, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology (Entomology major) and later earned a Master’s degree in Applied Biology from Kyungpook National University (KNU), Daegu, South Korea.

Ashraf is presently at the same institution in the Laboratory of Phylogenomics and Evolution for his PhD. in Biomedical Convergence Science and Technology with a specialized focus on the Mitochondrial genomes of mosquito species of high medical importance.

Facebook: Ashraf Akintola

Twitter: Ashraf Akintola

Instagram: Ashraf Akintola

YouTube: At’tamyeez TV

3. Bello Abdussomad

Bello Abdussomad uses social media such as YouTube and Facebook to spread the words of Allah by asking random Muslims to recite the Qur’an. YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook accounts, Qari Basmad is managed by the popular Qur’an Reciter where he shares is various one-one Qur’anic based video interviews, quizzes helping Muslim’s to know more about Islamic religion especially the Qur’an.

Hafidh Abdussomad down to earth demeanor coined with a unique entertaining style appeals to the youth, and has made him a well-known figure in Nigeria with over thousands of fans. His street interview series have great appeal by making the language of the Qur’an easy to understand and fun to learn. Many Nigerian Muslims turn to his videos as a source of spiritual nourishment that nurtures personal development through the understanding the Quran.

About his Qur’an journey, in an interview he said: “My journey with the Quran started before I was born. During my pregnancy, my mum used to sit close to anyone reciting the Quran. After my birth, I started memorization of Qur’an at age 2 from my mum who knows Juz ama. Though, it wasn’t very serious. I memorised 5 Juz till I was 16 years old. At that period, I enrolled into a Quran memorization school for my hifdh and I completed it at age 17.”

Abdussomad is currently a student based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Facebook: Profile (Qaribasmad1)

Instagram: Qaribasmad

YouTube: Basmad

Tiktok: Qaribasmad

4. Balogun Abeeblah Ajibola

Balogun, Abeeblah Ajibola of Alfabeeb Trado-Poetics™ is a native of Oyo main township, a First-Class Islāmic Studies Graduate of University of Ilorin, an Islāmist, a Video Editor, a Voice-Over Artist and a “Trado-Poet“.

He is well known for producing drum-and-beat-free, code-mixed and beautiful text-animation voice-overs of sonorous traditional poems (Wákà) shared across social media platforms, Nigeria and abroad.

He composes and chants unique poems of deep and resonating meanings, largely in Yorùbá Language and a few touches of English, Arabic or Hausa, on/for general Islamic topics, trends, social occasions, adverts, personality praises, and fundraising among others.

With this exceptional ‘refined talent’ of his, he has been described as the one who ‘stands out’ and thus, he is preferably and fondly referred to as: Oníwákà Of Nigeria (#OON).

The trado-poetic passion of #OON is indeed a divinely genetic bestowment. This was geared toward as at during the tail end of his National Youth Service programme at Enugu State, 2020.

Having discovered his rare talent, he kept passionately to self-practice, learning text animation, basic video editing and audio frequency till he partially became the ‘boss-of-himself’ using his Phone-Studio.

Earlier 2021, Abeeblah released two series of “Go-and-Marry” poems dedicated to the Bachelors and Spinsters respectively. Anyone who came across any of these amazing poems was sincerely wowed beyond mouth. The duo poems, no doubt, ever remain the masterpiece that drew people’s attention to his uncommon poematical knowledge and rendition.

At a point in time, he was unnoticed for inconsistency. Later, he decided as a teacher in a private secondary school to leave the ‘class‘ for the ‘street‘ and ‘poetics‘, thinking high of his potential productivity. With this noble decision, he has been soaring high therefrom.

His melodious voice is a blessing which at the best fits into what can be called “Halāl Entertainment“. He is a proof that Indeed, the Ummah can enjoy ‘Music‘ without drums or beats as in line with the Sunnah of RosūluLlah.

Oníwákà Of Nigeria runs a one-man poetical brand which makes him a monopoly of melodious praises while longing to make it bigger. He is equally ever ready to appear physically, making social occasions and gatherings more colourful with the charming beauty of his lines and tones. His service is cost efficient and he delivers the best rhymes ever.

Facebook: 1. Profile (Balogun Abeeblah Ajıbola) 2. Page (Alfabeeb Trado-poetics).

Instagram/YouTube: Alfabeeb Trado-poetics


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