Nigerian Muslimahs To Follow On Social Media in 2023

Essential is the need, to make known, the essence of an online-presence morality, given a contemporary world in which online/internet events have contributed a huge chunk to its marred state. Social media engagements with sane, morally upright and knowledge-dishing social profiles, authored by upright individuals, is therefore believed to be a social media hack that will restore or reborn the lost online-community sanity.

In light of this note, efforts have been painstakingly made, to contribute our own quota in achieving the ‘online sanity’ aim, by presenting a list of tested and verified moral filled profiles, authored by virtuous women who are excellently performing across their distinctive fields. Let us do well, to note and engage with them as they take us through their beneficial contents that will not only benefit us, but be a blessing, as well, to generations to come, bi idhniLLAH.

Here are some Muslim women from Nigeria you can follow in 2023 on social media:

1. Asmau Omobonike Hamzah-Sayi

Asmau Omobonike Hamzah-Sayi is a medical practitioner with special interest in paediatrics. Bagged her first degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Ilorin.

She’s a volunteer, content creator and strategist who has helped a number of businesses attain a gallant start up.

Her passion lies in counselling, volunteering and humanitarian services.

Currently works in a Government owned Health care Facility.

She’s one of the pioneer board members of ArqamHouse Schools, Lekki, Lagos- a choice, purpose driven educational Institution in Lekki, Lagos.

2. Adejoke Ademola

Adejoke Ademola is a wife and mother of 2 adults. She currently based in the UK. Adejoke use the experiences she have gained from being married for over 20 years, from being a mother for over 20 years and from living in the UK for nearly 20 years to create relatable and educational contents on YouTube. You can find her on Jkayscorner.

Also, she is a Muslim matchmaker at aunty.nextdoor on Instagram where Adejoke is creating a space for young Muslim women and men to connect online to In Shaa Allah meet their life partner. She also help mostly young women in conflict resolution and guidance as it relates to work and life in general.




3. Dr. Oyebola Halimah Sunmonu

Dr. Halimah Sunmonu is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, an advocate for Girls and Women education; and founder of Gynehobs .
Gynehobs is an organization with a mission to make a difference in the provision of gynaecological information, services and interventions in the overall wellbeing of today’s woman.

Dr Halimah has over 15 years experience in medical practice and is passionate about the total well being of today’s woman with special interest in reproductive endocrinology, fertility care and infertility management.

She is a trainer, volunteer and mentor to several young people and numerous organizations.

Some of her works include:

  • Training of TBAs through the @Kamaproject.
  • Training and mentoring teenagers in underserved communities through the Kronikles empowerment foundation.
  • Content reviewer “the Kulawa project”. Etc.

Educational /Professional Affiliation

  • Dr Halimah is an Alumnus; University of Lagos. Fellow; West African College of Surgeons


  • Reading.

Connect with her;
Instagram: @gynehobs

4. Haleemah Oladamade Ahmad

Haleemah Oladamade Ahmad is a social development professional with over 10 years of experience working and volunteering in the development sector. A wife and mother of 4 adorable cuties, she is passionate about personal and community development, peacebuilding, gender justice, and integral human development.

She is a Senior Research Associate and Facilitator with the Da’wah Institute, Islamic Education Trust, Minna, and has acquired extensive experience designing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating peacebuilding and human capacity building programs for projects. She has given numerous public talks on issues bothering women and Islam and was the presenter of the program ‘The Treasure Chest’ on Unilorin FM, as well as ‘Barakah Gems’, ‘Social Manners in Islam’ and ‘Adab in Islam’ on Sunnah TV, amongst many others.

She has attended several local and international conferences and was a speaker at the 2022 International Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB) hosted by the United Kingdom, as well as a 2022 recipient of the Rick Love Young Innovators in Peace building Award.

Haleemah holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria; and is currently pursuing a Master of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, USA, specializing in International Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. On her social media pages, she loves to share reflections about her experiences and contemporary issues from an Islamic perspective.


5. Khadijat Abdulrazaq

Khadijat Abdulrazaq is a Linguist, Language Researcher, and Content Creator of the YouTube channel, “LangVlog with Khadijat.” She currently study Linguistics as her MA program at West Virginia University in the USA. Khadijat is also a fellow at the Leaders of Africa Institute. She graduated with a first-class degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, studying Linguistics with the Yoruba Language.

In her words, she said: One of the values my family and I uphold is being committed to life-long learning and impactful living. My definition of impactful living is influencing humanity with the capabilities God bestowed on me because I believe there is a purpose and uniqueness attached to my “BEING.” This value is adapted from the message of my late teacher, Dr. AbdulHakeem Abayomi, which is, transforming one’s personal idiosyncrasies for the betterment of humanity to please Allah.

As a Linguist, I am passionate about contributing to developing and maintaining languages in society. I also delve into research studies that revolve around solving language issues in the community; hence one of my current research is examining accent discrimination during employment decisions in Nigeria. My current YouTube channel’s goal is to expose people to the uniqueness languages possess, using language as a tool to foster development. My intention centers around visualizing linguistic research findings to the world, utilizing simple “words” that people can easily relate to, thereby connecting people to what is happening in language academia. I realize that people in academia have only consumed the most beneficial studies in the field. Through the Vlog, I intend to expose the world to language diversity, beauty, and idiosyncrasies.


6. Latifat Abifarin

Latifat Abifarin is a content writer from Lagos, Nigeria. She has always loved writing which is what led her to leave her job as a teacher and pursue a freelance life as a content writer.

Her hobbies include reading and writing and she’s always had a passion for helping other people. In her free time, you can catch her exercising to stay fit. She lives with her loving husband and two adorable boys.


7. Mahmoodah Temitope Oyeleye

Mahmoodah Oyeleye is the Seventeen-year-old author of “Faded Blues“, the winning book, prose category, HIASFEST Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors 2021 and The Campus Journalism Awards 2022 (authors category). She has been shortlisted for local and international literary contests, including the BKPW poetry prize, February 2022, Writefluenza Horror/Mystery/Thriller Contest, May 2021, Abubakar Gimba Prize for Short Stories, February 2021 and others. She is a proud Nigerian Muslim.

Her publications have graced and are forthcoming on print/online platforms of the Kalahari review, Atherton review, Honey fire literary magazine, Upwrite magazine, Microfiction Monday magazine, Susa Africa, The green shoes Sanctuary, Applied worldwide blog, Haven Spec magazine, The wire’s dream magazine (artwork), Chinua Achebe poetry/Essay anthology, GHLL magazine and likewise in international anthologies like the IHRAF Youth Anthology 2022, The other side (writefluence anthology), INNSAEI: International Journal of creative literature for peace and humanity (IJCLPH).

She is a sophomore undergraduate of Economics at the Lagos State University. She is a Prose editor with the Teenlit Journal, a Blooming online journal which seeks to provide a platform for youthful writers to showcase their creativity. She is also the chairperson, Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation, Lagos Chapter. She seeks to experience the different spheres of life, and as such, her nose is mostly buried in a book. And when she’s not reading, she indulges in playing mobile games and crocheting.


8. Mariam Odunayo Arole

Mariam Odunayo Arole (Nurudeen-Arole) is a muslim legal practitioner, academic researcher, matchmaker, marriage and single clarity coach. She recently bagged her LL.M degree in international law from the University of Hull. Prior to that, she had qualified to be a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria back in 2019 where she finished with a first class.

Mariam is a career and progress driven muslimah. She is a core member of the Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative. She is the immediate past Executive Secretary of the Initiative. Mariam also volunteers with other non-govermental organisations such as Refugee Council Hull in the United Kingdom. She is the Co-founder of The Pro Bono Centre. She mentors young professionals aiming to reach the peak in their career. She is also a reputable public speaker on various social media platforms.

She uses her platform to motivate muslims home and abroad. She is active on LinkedIn and Facebook where she writes on experiences and self development. Mariam when not writing is focused on family life while married with 3 awesome boys.



9. Mujidah Ajibola

Mujidah Ajibola is a sustainability and global citizenship educator with about seven years’ experience in the field of sustainability education that spans across environmental education, sustainability and climate change education. She leads The Sustainability Hub, an organisation committed to integrating sustainability in Nigeria across formal and non-formal sectors.

Mujidah holds a Master of Science in Education for Sustainability from the London South Bank University and is a member of the Nigerian Environmental Society.

Since founding The Sustainability Hub in 2019, Mujidah and her team have worked with Accountability Lab Nigeria and Global offices, ShareYourself, One Million Teachers and His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II SDG Fund into implement a number of sustainability projects. Notable among them are the survey into the environmental responsiveness of Nigerian businesses and the documentary into the effect of mining on human livelihood in Abuja. In 2022, she led the Climate Literacy and Action Project in 13 schools, directly reaching over 780 students.

They are also piloting the first sustainable school in Nigeria at The KNOSK Secondary School. Mujidah is one of the facilitators of the UNESCO-MGIEP’s Biodiversity and Human Well-being Course as well as the UNESCO-APCEIU Global Citizenship Education Training in Nigeria. In September, Mujidah’s work was featured at the Transform Education Summit of the United Nations General Assembly in the United States through His Highness Muhammad Sanusi SDG Challenge.

Mujidah also serves as the curriculum director at Care About Climate where she recently led the team that developed the COP Preparatory Course that prepares intending COP delegates for effective engagement at the UNFCCC climate change conference.

She looks forward to supporting the integration of sustainability into learning and development systems in Nigeria.


10. Muti’ah Badruddeen

Muti’ah is a burnt-out reproductive health worker and homeschooling mum of three.

She mostly writes contemporary fiction about Nigerian women at the intersection of faith, women’s rights, and reproductive and mental health, from the framework of her cultural identity as a visibly-Muslim woman.

After winning several local and state writing accolades as a teenager in high school, Muti’ah put away creative writing for a career in healthcare, as was expected for academically-gifted first daughters of middle-class Nigerian families in the 90s. The 2020 pandemic and lockdown trapped her in a country away from her life, family and job, allowing Muti’ah to finish the manuscript she had been working on sporadically for five years.

The resultant book, her debut novel Rekiya&Z, was published in September 2020 by Xlibris US. With Rekiya&Z, Muti’ah won the 2021 Daybreak Press book award and the 2022 TLC Pen Factor competition. Also, Rekiya&Z was shortlisted for the 2022 Sprong women Author prize in Nigeria. Muti’ah has been trying to write more consistently ever since – currently, she has four short stories and a nonfiction book under consideration for publication.

When she is not working, writing, reading, or mothering, Muti’ah can be found trying to catch up on her sleep. She can also be found, atimes, on Twitter and Instagram as @/deenprogress.

11. Rahmah Aderinoye

Rahmah Aderinoye is an entrepreneur with keen interest in Agribusiness and food processing. She has a knack for innovation, creativity and efficiency. She is driven by the passion to create opportunities for women and youths through agriculture and intensive capacity building. Her work epitomizes unalloyed commitment to the achievements of SDG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8,9,10, 11. Rahmah is a Resolution Project Fellow and a United Nations Awardee. A dedicated, purpose-driven and visionary woman with great penchant for entrepreneurial excellence. She brings her international business experience and solid entrepreneurial orientation to bear in steering the leadership of Rashak Farms and Agro-Allied.

Her passion for entrepreneurship, women and youth empowerment inspired the creation of Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited. Despite Nigeria’s challenging business climate, she has remained committed to the growth of her businesses. She has succeeded in building Rashak into a Multi-million Naira business with market access in the West African Sub-region. In the quest for entrepreneurial advancement, Rahmah attended the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University (Lagos Business School) for an intensive entrepreneurial training, she participated in the 1-year WomenX Certificate in Entrepreneurship Programme; she also participated in the FATE Foundation ScaleUp Agribusiness programme and the BOI Youth Empowerment Programme. Rahmah is aspiring to become one of Africa’s most successful female entrepreneurs who will put Africa on the world food map.


12. Rianat Abosede Wahab

Rianat Abosede Wahab is a soft skills trainer, entrepreneur, social media manager, graphics designer, UI UX enthusiast, TECH, decent work and economic growth advocate.

She currently volunteers as a Soft Skills Facilitator at Jobberman Nigeria, where she assists in training over 600,000 Nigerian youths on soft skills. In 2020, her dedication to the role made her earn a prize and an Award of Exceptional Performance.

Rianat is the Ogun State Champion at Nigeria Youth SDGs Network. In this capacity, she contributed to the creation of the SDGs Playbook —a resource material on SDGs advocacy published by the United Nations and the Nigeria Youth Employment Action Plan (NIYEAP) which was recently launched by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development in Nigeria, for the purpose of job creation and entrepreneurship for millions of Nigerians.

In 2020, she co-founded GEAD Foundation, a youth-led non-profit organisation to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, digital, technical and soft skills among girls and women in Nigeria.

As an SDGs advocate, she is dedicated to building a sustainable society, reducing unemployment, promoting female empowerment, and contributing to youthership and development in Nigeria.


13. Zainab Oladapo

Zainab Oladapo PGDE, MSc, MBA, ACA is the Creator of The True Achievement Quadrant™
and Thriving Powerful Muslimah™; the Founder Acumen Consulting; on the board of Bratim Group and volunteers as a consultant to Pearls Multipurpose Cooperatives Society for muslimahs.

She is in her mid forties with over 15 years experience in the consulting space. She started her profession with the Department For International Development [DFID] as an Expat™ consultant for HTSPE-UK on a national development project in Nigeria.

Zainab is an alumni of The University of Ilorin; also certified as a Life & Leadership Coach, a Master Performance Coach, a Master NLP Results Technologies Consultant; and an Inside Out Paradigm Coach and Mentor.

She has worked with dozens of professionals and female executives globally to help them maximize their potential & that of their teams; in addition to supporting over 1500 women step into their next best version and positively impact their families and the world at large.

What most people don’t know about Zainab is that she struggled with an extremely low sense of self worth and lack of confidence as a young adult, experienced an abusive marriage and a divorce. For this reason she is passionate about sharing everything she has learned on her journey of transformation with others to inspire them to show up more powerfully in their lives.

She is married with children who are home-educated. She is a writer, loves reading, painting, cycling, roller skating and spending time in nature and with her family. She is also adventurous with her taste buds and always tries out a tiny portion of every never tasted before halal food in buffets.

Zainab loves connecting with ambitious professionals who desire to live their best lives, you can email her on ; connect with her on zainaboladapo on LinkedIn; and on the handle @zainab.oladapo on Facebook and Instagram.


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