MSSN urges Authorities to Stop Fanatical Activities in Osun School

The Osun State Area Unit of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) is requesting the assistance of the appropriate authorities in response to recent unethical activities taking place at the public secondary school known as Christ African Church Grammar School in Osogbo, Osun State.

On November 16, 2022, the top muslim student religious organization, Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Osun State Area Unit, issued the following statement:

“We are using this medium to call the attention of the general public to an unholy alliance between the Department of the State Security service DSS Osun State Command and one Mrs Omokayode, the present principal of a government secondary school named Christ African Church Grammar School at the opposite of Ataoja School of Science, Osogbo, Osun State over members of the Muslim community as well as the congregation of the Muslim students in the school.

“Earlier before her transfer to the school, the Muslim community in the school as well as their Muslim students had a dedicated place of worship, the same privilege being enjoyed by their Christian counterparts unhindered. As if on a mission to Christianise the entire students as well as their Muslim teachers, Mrs Omokayode first point of duty was to attempt to stop the teaching of Islamic Religious Studies (IRS). When it appeared that she could not have her way because the said course was being handled by a vice principal in the school, she declared an open confrontation with Islam by ordering the female Muslim students to be removing their Hijab once they enter the school premises, banning the students from observing Muslim prayers (Solat) in the school and publicly announced any act of prayer in the Islamic way (Solat) a fanaticism agenda.

According to MSSN, Mrs Omokayode has raised, inaugurated and empowered a 5 man evil squad namely Mrs Olaore, Mrs Ariyo, Mrs Sonibare, Mrs Adebayo and Mr Omiyale. It may interest you that the mandate given to this 5 man evil squad which they have been religiously carrying out on daily basis is to beat any Muslim female student who adorns in Hijab in the school premises as well as any Muslim student who attempts to pray in the school premises.

“Consequently, in a bid to silence the voice of truth, having been reprimanded of her bad behaviour towards Islam by the Chairman of ANCOPPS Osun State chapter following a report made by parents of some of the Muslim students in the school, Mrs Omokayode caused the school Muslim vice principal as well as the state chairman of ANCOPPS to be invited, interrogated and threatened by men of the state DSS.

“The woman principal has vowed not only to ensure that the Muslim vice principal, other Muslim teachers considered not cooperating with her Christianisation agenda and ANCOPPS chairman got transferred away from their present schools but also to frustrate any attempt to bring conscious Muslim teachers to her school and ensure that the Muslim students’ rights in the school is flagrantly denied and inaccessible. This, to her, will pave way for her evangelism mission as ordered by the Christian Association (CAN) in the state.

“May we at this juncture register our displeasure against the men of the state DSS for allowing their office to be used to silence those Mrs Omokayode considered enemy of her Christianity crusade. We wonder how fast the state DSS is becoming a tool in the hands of some people who consider themselves to be powerful. Surely, this is a kind of derailment from the core mandate and professionalism the DSS is known for.

“May we by this release call upon the state government to call Mrs Omokayode and her cohorts to order before they tear the state apart. We as an organisation will not condone any of their excesses anymore should they decide to continue infringing upon our members fundamental right. We shall take all necessary legitimate actions to protect and defend our members’ rights.

“We therefore call on the Director General of the State Security service DSS to call his Osun Men to order and stop them from being a tool in the hands of those who take delight in denying other people’s right, otherwise we may have no option than to take legal action against the agency.”


Muslim Students Prohibited from Wearing Hijab, Forced to Take CRS in Osun School- MSSN

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