The Nigerian Mosque: University of Port Harcourt Central Mosque

The University of Port Harcourt Central Mosque, is a congregational place of prayer for the University Muslim Community. The University Masjid is the centre of community worship of the Five Daily Prayers (Daily Sallat), Friday Prayer Services (Jumu’at) and Islamic Meetings/Events.

The Masjid has benefited from general donations from the Muslim Community (Ummah), and with Allah SWT’s help, the structure has mostly been kept up to date.

The University of Port Harcourt Central Mosque’s grand opening was observed by the Muslim community on October 21, 2022, as the Chief Imam, Professor Abdulrazak Kilani led Friday sermon/prayer. The mosque was inaugurated in 2015.


  • Full Name:

University of Port Harcourt Central Mosque

  • Founder:

University of Port Harcourt Muslim Community/ Muslim Ummah

  • Year of Opening:


  • Capacity:

  • Operation:

Daily Sallat, Jumu’at & Islamic Meetings/Events

  • Best Features:

  • Visitors:

Islamic faithfuls, Scholars, Artists, Architects

  • Security/Safety:

Very Safe

  • Location:

By Basic Unit, Abuja Campus, University of Port Harcourt.

  • Contact:

+234 (0) 706 380 4431

+234 (0) 123 456 7890



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