Senegal welcomes Aindati Sisi, Dubai’s Qur’an recitation champion with festivities

Senegalese are celebrating their daughter’s victory in the international Qur’an recitation competition in Dubai. Aindati Sisi from Senegal claimed the first rank while Ayeshah Abubakr Hasan from Nigeria and Shima Anfal Tabani from Algeria stood next.

The contest concluded on Wednesday evening at the Dubai Culture and Science Society.

The participants were women Quran memorisers with mastery of tajweed. They also have to be under 25 years old according to the organisers.

The first position-winner received 250,000 dirhams; the second got 200,000 dirhams, and the third 150000 dirhams. Other participants who performed brilliantly in the competition were also handsomely rewarded.

The Dubai International Holy Qur’an Award, DIHQA, hosts and organises the event for women worldwide annually.

Fifty countries participated in the competition that was held from the 1st to the 7th of October at the Dubai Culture and Science Society.

The event was held with the participation of contestants as well as Emirati officials and organizers of the contest.


Nigerian, Aisha Abubakar Hassan emerges 2nd in Dubai Intl Qur’an Competition

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