We Recorded Tremendous Success on New Strategy, Coordinated Emergency Operations-Kano Hisbah

The Kano State Hisbah Board claimed to have had great success with its new strategy and in coordinated emergency operations to combat the smuggling of beer and other intoxicants across Kano’s main border crossings with neighboring states.

This was announced today at the month’s last briefing conducted at the Hisbah main office in Sharada Quarters by Malam Hussain Ahmad Cediyar Kuda, who also serves as the Agency’s acting commander general and deputy commander general special services.

He said: “The board would continue to deploy all available resources to track, chase and apprehend such smugglers, adding that, the arrests and apprehend of heavy track loaded with assorted beer into Kano state borders, as well as eliminating the menace of street begging on our major metropolitan’s roads, junctions, traffic lights, and other places is getting boost.”

In order to receive Almighty Allah’s blessings both now and in the hereafter, the Acting Commander General underlined that the board would not stray from its mandated tasks of encouraging people to do good deeds and forbidding all immoral acts in society.

“Hisbah board being an institution committed to promote and protect the interest of Islamic shari’a laws of the state, and the wider Muslims faithful, there was large need for all Hisbah corps in the state to always maintained the attitudes of being law abide and good citizens and discharge their duties with all objectivity so as to sustain in achieving best results.”

Mallam Hussain Ahmad Cediyar Kuda noted that that Hisbah corps in the state is been up and doing to enforce smugglers zero tolerance on smuggling beer into Kano along the neighbouring state borders, sent a signal warning to smugglers of beer verbarage as well as their stakeholders to steer away from Kano.

He then commended Hisbah corps for their wonderful performance to duties despite the challenges facing the board, urging them to be more punctual, and rededicated.



How Do Hisbah Police Work in Kano State?

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