Apple CEO Laud Muslim Girl for developing iOS app in Dubai

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, commended a Muslim Indian girl who resides in Dubai for creating an iOS app for iPhones. The 9-year-old Hana Muhammad Rafeeq had written to him initially, claiming to be “the youngest Apple iOS developer.” Hana has cited web stories that seem to support her story.

The older sister of Hanna, Leena Fathima, who was 10 years old, taught her how to code, according to Muhammad Rafeeq, Hanna’s father told Gulf Times.

When their mother first began learning to code, the two homeschooled sisters also began learning.

“The two home-schooled sisters initially learned to code when their mother started learning to code.”

She developed the “Hanas” software for storytelling, which enables parents to record stories for their kids. After realizing how little time parents had to read to their children, she was motivated to create the app. When this app was created, Hana was eight years old.

The Hanas is a free iOS app. She also mentioned that she was into coding from the age of 5 years.

Hana said,”I was introduced to coding at age of five,” she wrote in her e-mail adding that she wrote over 10,000 lines of code by hand for the app. Hana also claimed that she avoided using “any third-party ready-made codes, libraries, or classes.”

According to a report by Gulf News, she emailed the CEO after which he complimented her. She requested Cook to preview the app and claimed that she avoided using any pre-made third-party libraries, classes or codes while developing the Hanas app.

The CEO of Apple personally responded to her email in which she detailed her app and other accomplishments with a heartfelt congratulations.

Cook allegedly thanked the youngster for her exceptional accomplishments at such a young age in his email response to the message.

He wrote: “Congratulations on all of your impressive achievements at such a young age. Keep at it and you will do amazing things in the future.”

Khaleej Times reported that the little girl was asleep when her father read Cook’s response. Her father, Muhammad Rafeeq, said that while she usually takes time to wake up, she woke up immediately upon hearing the news.


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