Meet Malaysian Physician, Farah Roslan, Who Invent Disposable Surgical Hijab

Globally, Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab have been breaking into a number of important fields, from firefighting to the police force, where Muslim team members are permitted to wear their headscarves and have even had special, loose-fitting uniforms made for them. Amber Von Grat is known as Canada’s first hijabi firefighter.

The healthcare industry has not been any different, and now one Muslim woman has developed a method for female healthcare professionals to continue working comfortably while prioritizing the safety of their patients.

A few years ago, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom-based junior doctor and award-winning Muslim Farah Roslan (Farah Shaheera Roslan) created disposable, sterile headscarves for use in operating rooms.

Dr. Roslan, a Malaysian native who now resides in Lincolnshire, first came up with the concept while she was a medical student at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS trust after having concerns about infection because of her headscarf.

“I’d been using [the same headscarf] all day which obviously wasn’t clean and ideal,” she told BBC Radio Derby.

“I didn’t feel comfortable taking it off and I was pulled out from the theatre, respectfully, due to infection control.”

Before relocating to the UK, she first began her medical study in Malaysia.

The young doctor, turned to her country for inspiration, testing and designing different headscarf solutions with various fabrics until she came up with something that she was happy with and that presented a middle ground between ‘“dress code due to faith” and the “passion” of her profession.’

Dr. Roslan’s mentor, consultant surgeon Gill Tierney, said that the trust was the first to use the headscarves in the UK.

“We know it’s a quiet, silent, issue around theatres around the country and I don’t think it has been formally addressed,” she told BBC.

A British private hospital last year required its female Muslim doctors to wear disposable hijabs.



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