MSSN B-ZONE, eleventh (11th) Annual symposium, Ibadan 2022

This is an event usually organized annually by the MSSN B-ZONE, where many insightful discussions are being held, ranging from how the progress of the country can be achieved, the solutions to the many drawbacks being faced by the country from Islamic perspective and lots more.

Topic: Ethno-Religious Agitation and Imperative of inclusiveness. Which was ingeniously discussed by Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN).

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic state as much as it is a multi religious one. And there is an absolute need for balancing between the two. Then, here comes the big question, do we really have an healthy balance between them? i.e The ethnics and religions? Take the issue of Hijab for an instance… In the Northern region, a female Muslim doesn’t have a problem with the usage of the Hijab. But what happens in the remaining regions?

Even after the issue has been resolved at the Apex court,many of the Christians are still agitating towards it! Many of them aren’t pleased with the rulings of the court, hereby, denying the Muslims their basic and religious given right. Is it under this condition we are to strike an healthy balance between them?

Also, there’s this issue of “Reversive discrimination“; a situation whereby an individual is discriminated against based on his race, gender, religion, age or other protected characteristics. These types of claims typically arise in the areas of employment or education. Occasionally, the term also is used to negatively describe programs meant to advance or promote minorities and address inequality, such as affirmative action.

While the term “reverse discrimination” is not expressly included in federal civil rights laws, these types of lawsuits are generally brought as discrimination cases under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other statutes. These indeed are menace that need to be resolved before things can be right in Nigeria as a country. Until we get the census right, until we strike an healthy balance between religion and ethnic, I’m afraid the agitation will continue. It is the promise of Allah not to change the condition of a set of people until they change what is within them. May Allah set right Nigeria for us and the entire world.

Another topic treated was “Redefining Nigeria’s destiny through credible polls“. Excellently discussed by Prof. Afis Ayinde Oladosu.

Isn’t it a pity that we all keep on complaining bitterly about Nigeria being bad, yet we don’t care to change? Why don’t we first examine and change ourselves first, then see if Nigeria will become better or not! What makes Nigeria? Isn’t it is, the people? A wise poem goes thus; “We are abusing our time, yet the insult is on us!.

Again, not all those who are clamouring for breaking down of Nigeria are actually desiring the progress of Nigeria. They are just small powers looking for opportunity for big powers! Funnily enough, some acclaimed scholars/professors are there leading those agitations. Here, we need to analyse and understand these two facts: (1) A scholar cannot afford to be an impostor and (2) A scholar cannot afford to be an impersonator.

Ultimately, according to Al-Māwardiyy, the welfare system can be realised systemically if the state, communities and individuals can realise these six-dimensional form:
(1) Religious observance and this is acting according to what we proclaim.
(2) Sultānu Tōhir (Good governance). Almighty Allah destroys a leader who doesn’t honor the Qur’an.
(3) Al’adl (Justice). ((Surely, Allah enjoins justice and kindness to others and giving to kindred and He forbids indecency, evil and rebellion, He admonishes you so that you may be mindful)) [An-Nahl verse 90]
(4) National security
(5) The prosperity of the state and
(6) The nation’s vision.

Series of prayers were made for the progress of Nigeria. We hope and pray Allah set right our affairs and cleanse our Land for He alone is capable of doing that. May He purify for us our system and make Nigeria a safe and peaceful place to live for all. May He aid the oppressed among His servants and grant them victory. Birohmatika yah arhamar-Rāhimīn.

Waliyullah Hikmoh Ajoke report from Ede, State of Osun.


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One comment on “MSSN B-ZONE, eleventh (11th) Annual symposium, Ibadan 2022

Agboola, Ilyas Babatunde

A fair presentation of the iconic event! We hope and pray that the Nigerian government will review critical submissions as above to better the lot of our nation.


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