War On Drugs: Saudi Discovers 47 Million Amphetamine Pills Hidden in Flour

More than 47 million amphetamine pills were recovered by Saudi security forces, who also detained eight foreigners suspected of being engaged in the drug smuggling, in the greatest drug haul in history.

The General Directorate of Narcotics Control spokesperson, Maj. Muhammad Al-Nujaidi, claimed that a huge cache of drugs was smuggled into the Riyadh dry port and then transported into a warehouse. The security officials raided the warehouse and arrested the smugglers. According to the Saudi Press Agency, they included two Pakistanis and six citizens of Syria.

A consignment of flour was used to conceal a total of 46,916,480 amphetamine pills for smuggling into the Kingdom. The seizure was made by the directorate officials in coordination with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. The accused were detained and subjected to preliminary legal action before being forwarded to the Public Prosecution.

According to Al-Nujaidi, the seized narcotics were the largest quantity of drugs smuggled ever into the Kingdom in a single operation. He claimed that the security forces are closely following up on drug smuggling that targets the security of the Kingdom and its younger generation. The close monitoring resulted in the seizure of drugs that were smuggled into the Kingdom. He noted that the smugglers were arrested after raiding the warehouse where the huge cache of drugs was stocked after smuggling into the Riyadh dry port.

Al-Nujaidi emphasized that the security forces would continue carrying out their tasks to follow up on the activities of the criminal networks, which target the security of the Kingdom and its citizens with drugs. He continued, “The security authorities will foil all such smuggling attempts and arrest everyone who takes part in drug smuggling and ensure them getting deterrent punishment.”


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