Know Your Sheikh: Professor Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari

Professor Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari, who was born on September 15, 1976, had his elementary education in Nigeria’s Katsina state in 1987 before continuing on to the Jama’atu College of Arabic Studies in Zaria, Kaduna state, for his secondary education.

Sheikh Maqari finished his studies at Al-Azhar in 1999, and Bayero University Kano awarded him his PhD in 2009. He completed his doctorate degree at Bayero University Kano in a very quick two-year period.

He has given lectures in Arabic and linguistics all throughout Nigeria. Sheikh Maqari is the founder of Tazkiyah Educational Resource Center in Abuja and Tazkiyah Schools, which oversees about 30 Quranic and Islamiyya schools across the country. He is also the author of numerous books and articles that have appeared in international journals. Sheikh Maqari is a member of the Assembly of Muslims in Nigeria and the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

In 1999, Professor Ibrahim Maqari began his illustrious career as a lecturer at the renowned Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. Later, in 2001, he relocated to Zaria to support the fledgling Jama’atu Institute for Advanced Studies before accepting a position at the Federal College of Education, where he also earned a postgraduate diploma in education in 2004. He accepted the invitation to give a lecture at the Nigeria Arabic Language Village, Ngala, which is situated in a rural border village in Borno State, in 2006 as a result of his passion and dedication to the growth of Arabic and Islamic Education in Nigeria.

He was hired as a senior lecturer at Kaduna State University after his return home in 2010. Professor Ibrahim Maqari relocated to his alma mater, Bayero University Kano, after a year and is currently a professor of Arabic and linguistics there.

Professor Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari was appointed the National Mosque Abuja’s Deputy Chief Imam in 2012 despite his academic obligations. He travels back and forth between Kano, Zaria, and Abuja every week as the Deputy Chief Imam.

He has published multiple books and has over 20 publications to his name in renowned journals. Additionally, he has participated in or served as a resource person at numerous national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops. Professor Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari has been on the editorial boards of various publications, including the Journal of the Nigerian Association of Teachers of Arabic and Literature since 2003. He is married with kids.


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