Transforming Social Media from a Play Center to a Learning Environment: A Piece of Advice to Parents and Guardians

The use of social media for children is not limited to our home, as teachers are now placing a strong emphasis on media literacy and teaching their students to consider the motivations behind what is put online. They also provide examples of how to communicate with professionals and bring textbook content to life by using websites like YouTube, Skype, and Twitter.

Regarding the significance, many schools have discovered some new applications that can aid teaching and learning in and outside the classroom and reduce the effort and stress of teachers.

Becoming an instructor is now an interesting task, unlike before, as teachers now utilize the numerous educational apps that are readily made available for teaching, which help them to arrange lessons, communicate with parents and kids, use technology in the classroom, have more influence over their classroom, and much more with the correct apps.

Some of the uses of educational apps designed for teaching and learning purposes may be discussed in my next article, but here are some of the best and most popularly known apps to have more influence over your classroom: class dojo, Edmodo, Google Classroom, Planboard, Seesaw Class, and Kahoot, Trackcc, and Poll everywhere.


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According to the researchers, the appropriate use of social media is now said to be compulsory for the young and keen for numerous advantages. Some of the benefits children may get from using social media are

  • Social media enables a deeper understanding of different cultures and global challenges.
  • Social media can help youngsters connect with peers who share their interests, which can help them feel more comfortable speaking to others in person.
  • By producing podcasts, Slide Share presentations, video interviews, and other forms of content on topics they are interested in, you may help your kids develop their public speaking and presentation abilities.
  • It improves children’s social skills and abilities.
  • It keeps them away from boredom and makes them feel less alone.
  • It helps them to discover novel cultural and societal concepts and problems.
  • Through social media, friendships are formed.
  • It helps them to be imaginative and communicate their own thoughts to friends.
  • It helps them be more prepared to participate actively in society as citizens.

These are some of the benefits of social media for children. However, the use of social media may be dangerous as well for children. These dangers include: uploading inappropriate content, such as offensive or provocative images or videos of oneself or others, sharing personal information with strangers; such as phone numbers, dates of birth, or locations, or being exposed to inappropriate or upsetting content, such as mean, aggressive, violent, or sexual comments or images, cyberbullying, etc.

“The impact of technology and social media doesn’t depend on the technology itself, but on how parents educate and inform their children about them and set realistic parameters around their use, but when parents commit themselves to providing guidance and watching over the child’s online activities, social media can help in a child’s development,” said Anna Rodriguez.

Conclusively, it might be challenging to ban social media for children, including the younger ones, because social media is now increasingly ingrained in applications, games, websites, and even learning environments. And if you forbid access to social media, your kids could be more inclined to use it when they’re away from home. As a result, you are unable to instruct your child on how to manage the risks of social media and conduct themselves appropriately there.

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