6 Reliable Nigerian Online Stores To Buy From

In recent years, online shopping in Nigeria has seen a tremendous increase in popularity and has taken over as many customers’ favorite method of shopping.

The best way to have everything you need delivered straight to your door is by far this method. You can buy anything online, from food to get you through the weekend to new jewelry to add to your collection.

What are the trustworthy stores, though, is the question.

To help you choose wisely the next time you shop online, this page will list some of the best options available in Nigeria along with their addresses and product offerings.

Amsod Scents offers various perfumes, body sprays, body mists, scented candles, air fresheners, humidifiers, automobile diffusers, perfume oils, kids’ perfumes, pocket perfumes, and many other products. Without perfume, you are never fully dressed. Allow Amsod fragrances to enchant your senses. There are also sales of jewelry and watches for both sexes. The Ibadan-based company that also offers free delivery to Ilorin. Buy here.

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria.

2.Crocs n Bags

Explore Crocs n Bags’ board “Crocs Slippers and bags” on Instagram. Check out the collection of Crocs slippers and bags for the best in one-of-a-kind, handmade items from the store. Buy at an affordable price. Buy here.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

3.Gifts From Qalbi

An online Muslim gift store called Gifts From Qalbi (Gifts from the heart) was established in October 2020 by creative Muslims. The company selects flexible and affordable gift goods. offering a personalized gifting service in a specially selected, made-to-order, and attractively packaged present item. Gifts From Qalbi stay current with fashion and make sure each gift is beautiful, remarkable, and most importantly, Memorable. Buy here.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

4.Shop Sheerah

A fashion company called Shop Sheerah aims to make both men and women look their best and adhere to high standards. 2017-founded and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company offers high-quality fashion products from Dubai, including abayas, shoes, Jalabia, fabrics, handbags, pure gold, and gold-plated jewelry. Sheerah is a tried-and-true online retailer. Buy here.

Location: Dubai, UAE.


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5.Tedam Ventures

Your one-stop shop for imported groceries and foodstuffs is Tedam Ventures. Online retail sales of imported foods for residents and expats from the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. Tedam Ventures is a specialty shop that offers you real food and supplies. The shop’s goal is to offer consumers the best goods and services possible at competitive prices. Your order will arrive at your door when you make a purchase from Tedam. Buy here.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

6.Vicegerent Exclusive Clothings and Stores

Vicegerent Exclusive Clothings and Stores Ibadan is a Muslimah- owned household brand. The shop has been open for approximately seven years. The shop offers reasonably priced home furnishings, cooking utensils, interior design, souvenirs, party supplies, special baby products, and toys. The store operates online and offers doorstep delivery across Nigeria. At Vicegerent, your convenience is their goal. Buy here.

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria.



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