Hijirah 1444: Muslim Community Told To Learn About Lunar Calendar

As we celebrate the start of the new Hijirah year 1444, Muslims are urged to become familiar with the lunar calendar.

At a news conference announcing events honoring the new Hijirah year celebration, Alhaji Mustafa Olawuyi, President of the Osun State Muslim Community, offered the advice in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.

Alhaji Olawuyi asked Muslims to learn the lesson that moving from wrong to right is the essence of hijirah.

The Nigerian Mosque: Osogbo Central Mosque

The new Hijirah year, he continued, would be observed in Osun with a colloquium on “Good governance: Fulcrum of transformation; Islamic outlook” and a Quran competition.

“These lessons of Hijrah is to continue doing our duties to our Creator and Sustainer, the Almighty Allah and keep good relations with His creatures,” he said. If we do these, the whole world will be peaceful and be an abode of joy for all inhabitants.

“As usual, the programme is mainly to sensitise the Muslim Ummah to the importance of Hijrah calendar. The Gregorian calendar that is popular in this part of the world does not cater for spiritual needs of Muslims since we don’t rely on it to begin and end Ramadan fast, perform hajj, fast the three days in the middle of the month etc, but it is the Hijra calendar that takes care of all these spiritual commitments.”


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