Ustadh Ismaeel Beaumont has Passed Away

After a protracted fight with cancer, we lost our dear brother Ustadh Ismaeel Beaumont. He was a London convert who taught a great number of people about Islam.

Founder of Maysoor, Ismaeel Beaumont spent a significant amount of his life studying at Madina University. He was a student of knowledge. His devotion to Allah (عَزَّ وَجَلَّ) served as a lesson for all of us. He demonstrated for us the importance of having hope when facing challenges.

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His wife said, “It is with a heavy heart I announce to you the passing of my amazing husband this afternoon. He loved you all dearly and appreciated all the support and love you have given him over the years. Please keep him in your duas. May Allah widen his grave, fill it with light and musk and most importantly have Rahmah on his soul. Amen! His burial will be at east London masjid on Wednesday. Will confirm the details tomorrow InshaAllaah.”

Ustadh Ismaeel served as an inspiration to countless people all around the world, and Ustadh Ismaeel will always be remembered. Until his last breath, he was a wonderful brother who had so much to give.

He converted his 92-year-old grandfather to Islam a few months ago. His grandmother, who was 91 years old, also converted to Islam through him before she passed away on the 27th of Ramadan 1443AH.

May Allah grant him the highest abode in Jannah and sabr to his family and children. Aameen.


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