Meet Sheikh Muritala Chukwuemeka who Translated the Noble Qur’an to Igbo

Islamic scholar Sheikh Muhammed Muritala Chukwuemeka Ughamadu is one of the few who has successfully translated the Qur’an into Igbo. Professor Jumbo Ugoji is credited with translating the Qur’an into Igbo for the first time in 1984.

Sheikh Chukwuemeka initiated it as a part of his efforts to make the Holy Book accessible and easily understood by his kinsmen/women.

He began this amazing project five years ago. While five additional Igbo-Muslim scholars reviewed the text.

Mr. Chukwuemeka is a native of Nigeria’s Imo State and the Orlu Local Government Area.

Sheikh Chukwuemeka as a comparative Religion Lecturer with the help of his da’awah, he has converted more than 300 people to Islamic faith.

Before becoming a Muslim in 1989, he served as a pastor with Deeper Life Bible Church.

He has certainly accomplished something that will endure forever. We pray that Almighty Allah grant him a bountiful recompense and protect him in all of his dealings. Aameen.


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One comment on “Meet Sheikh Muritala Chukwuemeka who Translated the Noble Qur’an to Igbo

Ijoma Nelson Chiagozia

How can i convert to Islam from Christianity? I AM Igbo, male, 45yrs old. Currently lives in Abuja


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