Nigerian Muslim Women to Follow on Social Media in 2022

Since the internet is open to all users, anything shared there should be seen as being in the public domain and having the potential to be accessible for the rest of our lives. Social media has a great deal of potential for good, but it also has well-established negative effects. Because fitnah, or social unrest, is characterized by addiction, suspicion, argumentation, and other factors, we should be cautious about adding to it negatively.

Social media is widely used, and it’s simple to understand why. We’re communicating with relatives, friends, and individuals with similar interests around the world. News items are published immediately. Companies are expanding their brands. It is a contemporary marvel. On the other hand, we are all aware of the drawbacks of using social media. Three (3) billion individuals log on to social media every day. 3 billion, yes! To put that into context, that represents 40% of the global population, which means that almost 50% of people use social media daily.

Women are more engaged on social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest according to studies. Therefore, as women, we are constantly exposed to content and are unsure of how our minds are processing it. The perfect recipe for a catastrophe is created when you add the “influencer” culture to the mixture.

While some Islamic religious leaders discourage their followers from using social media, the vast majority of scholars and preachers take use of social media’s effectiveness and efficiency to interact with the community of believers and strengthen their commitment and loyalty. However, by adhering to Islamic principles and upholding honorable behavior, we can become a source of light and, In Sha Allah, motivate others to follow suit.

If you think social media might be beneficial but don’t know who to follow on these sites, this article is for you. You can follow numerous Nigerian muslimahs on social media who are well-versed in Islamic etiquette, accomplished ladies with substantial experience, and well-known for their integrity and morality.
If you are a Muslim woman out there and you don’t already “follow” the women listed below, do so right away:

Aishah Adams

Aishah Adams is a specialist in human and community development, a transformational coach, and a supporter of emotional and mental wellness. Since September 2012, she has served as Siddiqah International’s Chief Operations Officer.

Over 90,000 individuals have benefited from her work at Siddiqah International in 33 communities throughout 7 states in Nigeria, and the number is still growing.

Akorede Rawsheedah Saheed

The Vivacious Lady is written by Akorede Rawsheedah Saheed (2022). Graduate of the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Mrs. Rawsheedah Saheed studied Estate Management there.

At the moment, Rawsheedah is focused on helping women live a holistic lifestyle, she believe every woman deserves an overall wellness.

Baceeroh Oshoala

Seerah Clothings and Collectibles is run by Baceeroh Oshoala, who also serves as its CEO and creative director. She creates Jilbaabs, dresses, Abayas, Kimonos, and kid’s clothes at Seerah Clothings.

The halal fashion stylist, who was born in Ikorodu, Nigeria, earned degrees from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) and Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH).

Bashirah Ajao

A natural lifestyle entrepreneur with a degree in mass communication, Bashirah Ajao is on a mission to build a community of strong, independent women who are respected and rewarded for their contributions to social and economic development.

She founded The Creative Herbalist, a women driven social enterprise with 3 product lines which serves as an enabler of Goal 1 and 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus on empowering women in disadvantaged positions and rural communities using indigenous herbs in creative ways to create body care products via The Mogul Woman Project.

Basmallah Akomolafe

Attention: It’s In The Details: The Field Guide To Online Opportunities, It’s Legitimacy And Application” was written by Basmallah Akomolafe, CEO of Career Corner NG.

Career Corner NG is the human capital development firm committed to bridging the talent gap between job seekers and prospective employers using digital media. It intend to connect at least 3000 prospective employees with their intended organisations home and abroad by 2023.

Basmallah was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a native of Osun State in Nigeria and likes to read both fiction and non-fiction books. She graduated from the University of Ilorin in Kwara state, Nigeria, with degrees in history and international studies.

Hajj: The Journey Of A Lifetime, A New book by Hafiz Akinde

Oyaremi Motunrayo Kafilat, PhD

In the history of the University of Ibadan and maybe all of Nigeria, Oyaremi Motunrayo Kafilat (Bakare), an educationist and the first Niqabi to earn a PhD. On November 18, 2019, she received the accolade.

Mrs. Kafilat was born and raised in the state of Lagos. In 2005, she earned the title of top graduating student from the Theatre Arts Department. She focused on writing plays and educational drama. While working in the Department of Theatre Arts, she came to appreciate working with kids and teaching them through theatre and other artistic mediums.

Dr Khadijah Folake Tijani

Dr. Khadijah Folake Tijani (Sanni), a dedicated medical professional with 12 years of clinical experience in Family Medicine (General Practice) and Obstetrics and Gynecology, is licensed in three nations (Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom).

She is a passionate supporter of women’s health and a talented health blogger who goes by the name “Doctor KT.” Her blog,, is full with medical advice, marriage nuggets, and parenting tips that are skillfully presented in straightforward layman’s language.

Barrister Mutiat Toyosi Orolu- Balogun

Hajia Mutiat Toyosi Orolu-Balogun is the Executive Director of the famous Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative. The Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative is a Muslim women-based non-governmental organization that protects the rights of Muslim women in Nigeria who prefer to wear the hijab. She is also a partner with Nimble Solicitors as well.

As a lawyer, Mrs Orolu specializes in Family Law, Employment and Labour Law as well as general legal practice. She received her Law education at Lagos State University (LASU) and legal training at Nigerian Law School Victoria Island Lagos. After which she was called to bar in 2006. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resources).

Dr Rasheedah Folashade Famurewa

Dr. Rasheedah Folashade Famurewa is a dentist and also a dental health advocate. Performing oral diagnosis, basic dental treatments. She oversees operations at the Smile Beams Dental Clinic.

Dr. Famurewa has arranged more than 50 mobile dental clinic sessions over the course of four years, as well as four school oral health programs. With just a team of five staff members, including herself, they were able to thoroughly examine the teeth of about 100 kids in a single day.

Umoru Hawa Ochuwa

With a license and accreditation from the Lagos State Traditional Medicinal Board, Mrs. Umoru Hawa Ochuwa practices natural medicine. She specializes in massage therapy and hijama therapy. Hawa is the founder of Toheeroh Blends.

Toheeroh Blends specializes in assisting women in recovering from chronic illnesses through lifestyle, nutrition, and natural therapies.


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