I’m Inadvertently Groomed by my Father to Become an Author – Laj Fingers Says

The Author of Beauty, Brain and Character BBC, Mrs Lateefat Adewunmi Jumah popularly known as Laj Fingers has said that her father unknowingly groomed her to become an author through his daily purchase of the Nigeria Tribune Newspapers since she was young.

Photo: Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka

Mrs Jumah said this at the Launch Event of the books yesterday, Sunday, held at the University of Ibadan Central Mosque Conference Hall.

Speaking further, Laj fingers made it known that if it remained the money for food with her father, he was going to use it to buy the Newspaper.

“A times during festivals, our mothers would be making jest of us children to go and pack my father’s newspapers to sew festive clothes. Alhamdulilah today, his purchase of the papers really helped me in my writing sojourn,” she added.


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Talking about the rationale behind the publication, the author noted that she started writing the six series of the book when she observed the decadence and deliquence among the secondary school students during her Teaching Practice periods in a school.

She therefore, like all other reviewers of the book, urged parents, guardians, schools and individuals to get copies for themselves and children because the books have what it takes to change the rotten society for better.

Reviewing the book, Mrs Kafilat Bakare Oyaremi, said the books are fictions but all the scenarios therein are realities of this present time.

“The books, in my opinion, are not Islamic fictions rather Islamic reality books. Every one should get the copies. It should also be noted that each book is complete on its own but if you’re a curious type you may want to read everything,” she stressed.

Reacting to the remark of the author earlier, the father of the author, Alhaji Jumah said he was glad and grateful that his buying of Newspapers every day is worthwhile.

“I’m an ardent buyer and reader of the Nigeria Tribune Newspaper because a person like me would not have gone to school if not for Free Education Scheme during the time of Awolowo. I then thought of what I could use to appreciate the man, that’s why I’m buying his Newspaper daily with the hope that my own token will also go a little way to grow the company,” he opined.

The occasion was graced by over 300 attendees with dignitaries from different walks of life among them are Dr. Fuad-deen Olabisi Kekere-ekun, Alhaji Saheed Ololade, the CEO of Erudite Consults, Sheikh As-Sudaisy Al-Ilory, the author of Halal Sex and Intimacy, Mallam Ismaeel Akintayo Owolabi and host of others.

Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.


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Kolawole bukola mariam

Masha Llah,the books is a must read for everyone, may Allah continue to grant the author wisdom and understanding


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