My Veil Story, a tale of Tawakul

After my postgraduate studies, I was determined to practice in my chosen career HSE.

I went on LinkedIn, searched for people in my field, sent them a brief profile about me and asked for ways to navigate the career path.

Some responded, some didn’t.

Mrs xxxxxxx who is an Engr and a senior colleague gave me a link to join the professional group which I did.

Gradually I was learning the theoretical part on the group while also submitting CVs for HSE roles.

I attended several interviews but didn’t proceed further due to lack of field experience, so I decided to volunteer.

I posted it on the group mentioning that I was open to volunteering opportunities.

Immediately someone connected me with an HSE Consulting firm. I submitted my CV and was invited for an interview.

During the interview several questions were asked as regards the role and others pointed to my dressing.

A veiled lady, on project sites.

That’s not the first time, so I wasn’t surprised.

The interview ended and was told that there’s a project close to where I live and by the following week all necessary information will be communicated. I was also told that the volunteering is without pay.

I left there excited that finally I get to be on the field doing what I love. I can always get by financially with my fashion business.

That weekend the professional group organised a meet and greet. I decided to attend for two reasons, network and also put a face to the intelligent people on the group.

I got talking with the young lady that sat beside me, she just concluded her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and was job hunting.

I encouraged her to also apply for the volunteering job pending the time she gets a better offer.

I gave her all the details and we kept in touch.

Photo: Facebook | Mariam Alawiye-Nurudeen

The following week she informed that she’s been assigned to a project and she will be resuming immediately.

What about me? I’ve not been sent any information.

I decided to reach out to the organisation but it yielded no positive response.

I cried my eyes out, it is still my most painful experience of job hunting. For weeks I was still in pain each time I remember.

One day while making a clients dress I felt the pain again, this time I felt my chest tightening and the rush of tears down my cheeks.

In that state I supplicated to Allah to grant me an opportunity to learn if HSE is the path for me or He erases the love I have for it and help me focus on my fashion designing.

Ramadan came and I intensified my dua. I came back from Taraweeh one night and met missed calls on my phone.

I called back and heard a man’s voice, it was Mr X. I met him once during the groups meet and greet.

Me: Hello sir.
Mr X: Did you see the message I left on the group?
Me: No sir.
Him: Go and check and let me know if you are interested.
Me: I’m offline at the moment (I decided to stay offline throughout the last ten days of Ramadan so when I exhausted my data I wasn’t bothered to subscribe).
Him: There’s a big project at zzzzzzz are you interested?
Me: Yes sir, how do I apply?
Him: The interview is tomorrow, I will send all the information you need. Call ccccccc.
Me: Thank you sir.

I called the no immediately and an address was sent to me.

The following morning I prayed and left for my interview. Let me not bore you with the process.
At the end of the day, Mr ccccc asked what’s my relationship with Mr X. I was about answering him when he said “Mr X sent several CVs to me but called specifically for you” and because of that I’m picking you. Your salary is ……… go and think about it if its fine by you. My appearance didn’t matter, he was only concerned about results.

At that moment I knew this was Allah. I only met Mr X once and he doesn’t know me from Adam.

On that job I didn’t only learn HSE but with a Q, I grew, met people, worked with several multinationals I didn’t have access to.

The best part is I never had to compromise my appearance or faith.

My sisters no one promised us that it would be easy but if we stand by Allah He will surely grant us that which is best.

Your sister in Deen

Mariam Alawiye-Nurudeen,

Lagos, Nigeria.


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One comment on “My Veil Story, a tale of Tawakul

Amoo Saheed Olamilekan

Barkallahu fih sister. I also have interest in building my career in HSE or Electrical design service but seem no way for this. I didn’t know if there will be way for HSE if am to go by volunteering
Assalamu alaykum waramotulah wabarakatuh


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