A Palestinian Child of Seven Memorizes the Whole Quran

Rashad Nimr Abu Ras, who is only seven years old, just finished the first grade at his Gaza City elementary school. But there’s something about this tiny boy that makes him a celebrity in Gaza right away. He knows the Holy Quran inside and out. Over 77,000 words in all.

Accompanied by his family, Rashad was evaluated by a panel of religious authorities, who confirmed his incredible performance. Rashad’s sister is seen holding a banner that reads, “Rashad is the most beautiful Hafiz.” A Muslim who memorizes the entire Quran is known as a Hafiz.

Rashad’s father, Nimr, revealed in an interview with the Palestine Chronicle that he encouraged his son by rewarding him for every few pages of the Quran he memorized. Initially, this meant that Rashad acquired a new soccer ball and other toys. Ultimately, he became the proud owner of a brand new bike.

On the other hand, Rashad eventually became interested in learning the Quran on his own. His parents, neighbors, and instructors all encouraged him. Rashad was certified as a Hafiz at the event, which was attended by a large number of Gaza dignitaries and scholars. He was given a special gift and his own special copy of the Quran.

Photos: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle


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