Patrick Mboma, a former Cameroonian footballer, became a Muslim

Patrick Mboma, the former captain of the Indomitable Lions (56 caps, 33 goals) and two-time CAN winner in 2000 and 2002, has converted to Islam.

In photographs spotted by Muslim Voice on social media, Mboma is shown taking the Shahada, which is a proclamation declaring his conversion took Shahadah yesterday in Douala’s Bonamoussadi mosque. The man affectionately known as “Magic” is now Abdul Jalil Mboma.



He changed religions after studying one of the world’s most popular faiths for several months. Muslims in Cameroon were ecstatic at the decision of the former Paris Saint-Germain striker, who is regarded for his football influence both during and after his career.

According to the most recent census, 69.2% of the population is Christian, 20.9 percent is Muslim, 5.6 percent is animist, 1.0 percent practices other religions, and 3.2 percent has no religious connection. In early nineteenth-century West Africa, the Fulani, a pastoral nomadic people, propagated Islam primarily through trade activity and Sufi brotherhoods (Qadiri and Tijani). The Fulani are primarily Muslim in the northern provinces. Other ethnic groups, such as the Kirdi also follow Islam. The West Province’s Bamoun ethnic group is mostly Muslim as well.

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