MSSN Ede Holds Elders Visitation Forum

The elders visitation forum is an annual event organized by Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Ede Central Branch. And the host of this year’s own was no other person than one of our respected fathers in Islam, in person of Engineer Isa Adeeyo. May Almighty Allah elongate his life upon goodness.

The aims and objectives of this event aren’t farfetched. Among them are to strengthening the Islamic bond, recounting the hurdles passed through before being successful, admonishment on how to be successful in both worlds, by Allah’s grace and fatherly pieces of advice directed to we youths on how to be saved from the fitnah of this time, amongst all others.

Previously, this event comprised of the elders only. But, this year’s own took another amazing dimension because, we, the youths were also carried along. Our honored fathers deem it wise to involve us in it. And, we so much feel honored for that. May Almighty Allah bless them all and continue to put immense blessings in their endeavors.

Many wise pieces of advice were given to us, many experiences were narrated, reviews and admonishments were given. It was said that, in every situation we might find ourselves, the fear of Allah should be our outmost priority. Nothing should be prioritized except our Religion. And every of our endeavors should be in accordance with the sayings of Allah and the tradition of the prophet عَلَيْهِ ٱلصَّلَاةُ وَٱلسَّلَامُ.

Almighty Allah says in Qur’an chapter 6 verse 162;(( Say: ‘Surely my Prayer, all my acts of worship, and my living and my dying are for Allah alone, the Lord of the whole universe)). [The Arabic word “Nusuk” used here signifies ritual sacrifice as well as the other forms of devotion and worship. Tafseer Ibn Katheer]. Allah also says in Sūrotul Hashr, Qur’ān 59 verse 18;((O you who believe (who wish to reach Allah before death), become the owners of piety towards Allah! And let every soul consider what it has offered for tomorrow! And become the owners of piety towards Allah. Surely Allah is All-Aware of what you do)).

We were also admonished to develop unparalleled passion for excellence. It isn’t prohibited to quest for academic excellence, in fact, Muslims are urged to seek the top position in every aspects. But, this shouldn’t affect seeking knowledge about our Deen, calling to the religion of Allah, striving towards attaining the pleasure of Allah and all other duties expected of us.

Ultimately, Knowledge is “knowing something about everything and not knowing everything about something” as quoted by one of our fathers. Though, it is a fact that, we can’t know everything, only Allah knows all. But, we should try as much as possible to seek as many beneficial knowledge as possible. Especially as youths, youthful age is full of many opportunities and we should utilise it well. After all, a wise quote goes thus;“Yesterday is but today’s memory, today is the future of yesterday and tomorrow is today’s dream”.

These and many more were what I benefited personally from the program. Looking forward to attending its likes In Shaa Allah. May Almighty Allah spare our lives upon khayr. May we witness many more of this ‘Ēid festival in Islam and sound health. And I wholeheartedly pray unto Allah to bless all our fathers and mothers in Deen directing us towards the right way. May He elongate their lives and make their hearts and ours firm upon His religion. Aameen. Fassalāmu ‘alaykum warohmatuLlōhi wabarokaatuh.

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3 comments on “MSSN Ede Holds Elders Visitation Forum

Mutairu Adesola

Alhamdulillahi for His rahma upon Islam.
Our elders are preparing us for the future which start from now practically.

This is awesome and encouraging as it will enable we the youths of today to be up to the task with organized mentoring by the experience productive elders.

Jazakumullahu khayran.

Abdulazeez yahya



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