Know Your Sheikh: Prof. Abdul Razaq Abdul Majeed Alaro

Prof. Abdul-Razzaq Abdul-Majeed Alaro, MCIArb, is a Shariah expert, a Supreme Court of Nigeria Barrister and Solicitor, and a globally recognized arbitrator. He has published in respected peer-reviewed publications all around the world in the domain of Islamic Financial Transactions, with a focus on banking, insurance, and capital markets.

He is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Islamic Law at the University of Ilorin’s Faculty of Law, as well as a member of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Advisory Council of Experts and the Nigerian National Insurance Commission’s Advisory Council.

Prof. Abdul-Razzaq also chairs the Union of African Muslim Scholars’ Research and Translation Committee, which is based in Bamako, Mali. Prof. Alaro is a 1993 graduate of the Islamic University of Medinah in Saudi Arabia, where he received a first-class degree and was named one of the university’s most distinguished alumni in 2017. Both Arabic and English are his native languages, and he speaks and writes them both proficiently.

Awards, Scholarships & Prizes

  • 2018 Overall Winner of Annual International Research Competition, organized by CDA, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia.
  • Listed among 28 ‘Most Outstanding Alumni’ of Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia worldwide in 2017.
  • Ph.D. with ‘Distinction’, and thesis recommended by Panel of Examiners for publication and exchange with other universities.
  • LL.M with ‘Distinction’, and thesis recommended by Panel of Examiners for publication and exchange with other universities.
  • First Class Hons. & Best Graduand, Faculty of Shariah/Law, Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, 1992/93 academic session.
  • Best Graduating Student in the Islamic University of Madinah Educational Programme for the academic session 1992/93.
  • One of the 3 topmost students in the Islamic University of Madinah’s annual “Texts Memorization Competition” for the academic session 1412 /1413 A.H. = 1991/92.
  • Certificate of Commendation for “Outstanding Activities in Students’ Association of Jurisprudence”, Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, 1990/1991.
  • The Saudi Arabian Government Scholarship for International Students, 1989 – 2002.

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11 comments on “Know Your Sheikh: Prof. Abdul Razaq Abdul Majeed Alaro

Sulaiman Ibroheem

Baarokallaahu feeh.
May Allah bless our Sheikh and his progeny in the world and in the hereafter. May Allaah grant me goodness also. Aameen.

Isiaka Taiwo Ahmed

May Allah be pleased with our noble sheikh.He has been a source of guidance on dawah activities in Ilorin and Nigeria by extension

Abd semih

May Allah continue to be with Shiek Alaro.

Sheriff Hamzat

Baarakallahu feekum ya Sheikh


May Almighty put his barakah in all your endeavours aamin


May Allah Almighty continues to increase your knowledge sheikh Ameen

Lawal Mubaraq

He is a role model to responsible youth

Ayodele Sodiq

Maa shahallah baarakallahu feekum wakathara amthaalakum sheikhanal fadhil


i have nothing to say about our sheikh apart to pray for him that may Allah almighty continue to be guide him prolong his life upon goodness

Yusuf Olalekan

Allah grant our sheikh. Long life good health and more wisdom

AbdulWakeel Folaranmi

This is quite inspiring. May Allah continue to increase him in knowledge, faith and guidance. Barakallahu fiihk, Sheikh.


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