INTERVIEW: My Mum Inspired Me to Memorize the Holy Quran- Qari Basmad

Popular Quran Reciter, Bello Abdussomad also known as Qari Basmad speaks to The Muslim Voice, Nigeria’s Usman Oyebamiji about his journey as an Hifdhul Qur’an, his motivation and learning experience.

MV: Hafidh Bello Abdussomad, please tell us when and how did you begin memorizing the Qur’an?

Qari Basmad: I started my full time memorisation in December, 2016.

MV: Who inspired you during your memorization of Qur’an?

Qari Basmad: My mum inspired me to memorize the Holy Quran. Then, it wasn’t my wish to memorise. She forced me to memorise it.

MV: How did you stay focused on your goal?

Qari Basmad: I fell in love with the Book of Allah during the process of my memorization.

MV: Tell us about your journey with the Noble Qur’aan.

Qari Basmad: My journey with the Quran started before I was born. During my pregnancy, my mum used to sit close to anyone reciting the Quran. After my birth, I started memorization of Qur’an at age 2 from my mum who knows Juz ama. Though, it wasn’t very serious. I memorised 5 Juz till I was 16 years old. At that period, I enrolled into a Quran memorization school for my hifdh and I completed it at age 17.

MV: How did you manage your time?

Qari Basmad: During my hifdh, Iwas in a Madras in Ibadan, Oyo State though my I live with my parents in Lagos. At Madras, it was a full time thing. And we were monitored by our teachers.

MV: Tell us about your Ustadh.

Qari Basmad: His name is Sheikh Abdulhafidh Ariremako. He memorised the Qur’an during his Nigerian Youth Service Corps where he memorised the whole Qur’an in 6 months.

MV: What were the challenges that you faced during memorization?

Qari Basmad: During my hifdh days at Ibadan, I has Sleepless nights, memorising and forgetting just like any other hifdh candidates.

MV: Did you face laziness or some mental block during your hifdh journey? If yes, how did you overcome that problem?

Qari Basmad: Yes I do. However, remembering what that benefits was what helped me to overcome it.

MV: How did you proceed from one Juz to another?

Qari Basmad: Then at the at my Qur’anic memorization centre in Ibadan. We used to memorise like one Juz each week and after each Juz we do Murajiah (revising via repeat- recitation).

MV: What was your parents’ reaction on the completion of the Hifdhul Qur’an?

Qari Basmad: My parents were very excited, but not with words though. They became boastful about me to their friends and family and they were happy.

MV: Let’s talk favourites. Please share with us your favourite: 1) Verse of Qur’an, 2) surah, and 3) Your best memory from the days of memorizing the Qur’an?

Qari Basmad: My favourite verse is Surah Araf verse 40
While Surah Maryam in that perspective. I remember when I was memorising two pages in one hour that was from Surah Yunus pages 212 and 213.

MV: As a Qur’an teacher, how do you feel the challenges of past and present students differ?

Qari Basmad: The challenges are normal and as someone that loves to encourage people to recite the Qur’an it doesn’t bother me. I motivate them to do more.


MV: What advise would you present to those who have completed memorization of Qur’an?

Qari Basmad: I advise them to keep on revising (Murajiah) and put into practice what they have memorised.

MV: You are superstar hafidh online, please tell us about your work.

Qari Basmad: I am not a superstar (smiles). I am just an ordinary hafidh. Allah is just using me to promote his book and Alhamdulillah, there has been some challenges and there are still challenges but with Allah’s grace we are overcoming them.
Alhamdulillah people are motivated by my videos and I hope other people can start calling people to the way of the Quran and I pray Allah strengthen me also.

MV: What traits or character makes one a successful Muslim?

Qari Basmad: For a Muslim being successful, he or she should put Allah first before anything. Jazzakumullahu khayran.


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8 comments on “INTERVIEW: My Mum Inspired Me to Memorize the Holy Quran- Qari Basmad

Jumoke Fashola

Keep it up my darling 🥰

Abdirahman Mohamud Abdulle

This is a great journey bro keep it up. If you lift up the book of Allah in this world, then Allah will give you great rewards in the hereafter.


Barakallahu Fihi. May Allah strengthen the efforts

Ayilara Busari Dare

May Allah strengthen you and us on the right path. Amin

Khadijah salman

barakallahufihi,keep it up may Allah guide

عبدسلام الشافعي

جزاكم الله يا شيخ

Aisha beentu isah (hafiza)

Alhamdulilah for the memorization. May Allah put barka in it. Amin


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