Imams, Intellectuals warn NASS not to deplete Hajj Savings Scheme

The Kaduna State Council of Imams and Ulama expressed its displeasure that the National Assembly committee on pilgrimage did not recognize the effort and progress made thus far, as well as the ultimate benefit of Hajj savings schemes to Muslims, which were introduced by the National Hajj Commission and Jaiz Bank with the goal of making Hajj accessible and easy for all intending pilgrims.

In a statement, Shaykh Ibrahim Nakaka, Chairman of the Council, and Dr Yusuf Yakubu Arrigasiyyu, Secretary-General of the Council, said the council was surprised that the National Assembly committee on Pilgrimage had ignored the fact that most Muslim countries around the world have gone a long way in implementing the Hajj scheme, and Nigeria did not need to be left behind.

“The council advised the National Assembly committee on Pilgrimage to familiarised and acquaint themselves with the workings of the Hajj scheme to enable them to make constructive engagement with both the National Hajj Commission and Jaiz Bank to avoid making destructive statements in order to run down the Scheme as lacking transparency and accountability.”


Hajj Saving Scheme Stoppage: The light and dark side of a complex Relationship, By Mousa Ubandawaki


“The Council urge NAHCON and the Hajj savings schemes Trust Fund to remain focused and never allow people of no understanding and selfish interest to derail them from making pilgrimage easy for Muslims in Nigeria through the well-intending Hajj Saving scheme.”

The Council admires Barrister Zikirullah and his management team for their deliberate, honest, and accountable leadership of the National Hajj Commission. Similarly, the Council prayed to Allah for guidance and protection from the unknown evils.

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