Book Review: Faded Blues, By Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope

Faded blues is a futuristic story, which starts at a time beyond us, as far as 2074, but then it references the present and the past and the cultures held so dear at either times. Due to overpopulation and scarcity of resources, the Nigerian government (in this book) installed a birth control system in the country’s constitution. Every family had to have one child and anyone who had more than one kid would be rid off the rest of the children.

Morayo de Souza, the heroine of this book is the mother of two lookalike daughters. Defying the constitution, she tries to raise the twins in hidden. However, her overprotective grandmother didn’t let her understand the fact that their lives as elites is tangled in more than just laws. There are enemies lurking in the shadows ready to haunt her.

Filled with bloodshed, heartbreaks, murders, police patrols, friends, families and crimes, the lesson of this story is to teach us how to define the different types of love and understand that no matter the age, technology could change everything but not us -not the fact that we are humane, that we are good and bad and that nothing is invincible -not even wealth.

Name of book: Faded Blues

Name of author: Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope

Genre: Sci-fi and Afro Futurism

Year of Publication: 2022

Book Pages: 227

Award: Winner, Nigeria prize for teen authors, 2021

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3 comments on “Book Review: Faded Blues, By Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh
Please how can I get a copy of the book.
Faded Blues


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