The Nigerian Mosque: Damaturu Central Mosque

Known as the Nigeria’s Largest Mosque and one of the largest in Africa, Yobe Central Mosque is located in the town of Damaturu, Yobe State on the A3 highway with an estimated population of 44,268 (2010 census). The Mosque was completed and commissioned in May, 2007.

The Central Mosque and Islamic Centre in the northeastern state stands to be one of the most beautiful and iconic attractive places in Nigeria because of it’s spectacular beauty and architecture. The Mosque has distinct green bell-like domes and with four towers surrounding it.

According to report, at the construction stage of the building, donations were being made by Muslim civil servants and thousands of Christian workers in the state who were not even consulted on the donations, chose to take part in togetherness with their colleagues who are Muslims, preserving such gesture was a clear display of religious tolerance, unity and coexistence in Yobe State.

Full Name:

  • Yobe Central Mosque


Year of Opening:

  • 2007


Best Features:

  • A distinct green bell-like domes and with four towers surrounding it.


  • Islamic faithfuls, Scholars, Artists, Architects


  • Very Safe


  • Maiduguri-Potiskum Road, Damaturu


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One comment on “The Nigerian Mosque: Damaturu Central Mosque

Ijegun Central Mosque

AlhamduliLlah Rabbil Alameen.
May Allah reward all those who contributed towards the building of this beautiful magnificent Masjid Aameen.

Assistances also needed for complete finishing of Ijegun Central Mosque, Ijegun Lagos. The flagship and biggest Mosque in Alimosho Local Government Area in Lagos. Lagos is the most populated State in Nigeria and Alimosho is the most populated Local Government in Lagos State.
Imagine the rewards cum Sadaqah Jaariyah you stand to gain by helping this Noble course!
It’s a two storey structure on two plots with one Dome and two Minarets.
The Masjid is Headed by an Amiable young Imam and backed by a vibrant Committee chaired by an Ustadh Barrister and a School Proprietor as General Secretary and a retired Chartered Banker as Treasurer.
Judicious application of funds donated guaranteed in shaa Allah BiqudiraLlahi.
JazakAllahu Khairan in advance. I


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