Dr. AbdulGhaniy Owoyale: ‘Do Not Fall Into Religious Innovation In Your Quest For Riches’

Distinguished author of great repute and a legal luminary, Barrister Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi (Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori) present a new book to the public titled, “50 Common Bid’ah (Religious Innovations) in our Contemporary World” yesterday 18th Rajab, 1443 AH (20th February, 2022) at the Islamic Missionaries Association of Nigeria (IMAN) Centre, Ilorin.

The event is part of a Lecture organized by an Islamic propagation team, Hadha Bayānu Lin-Nās on the Concept of Bid’ah by Dr. AbdulGhaniy Owoyale from Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin.

Dr. Owoyale relates Bid’ah to cancer, which destroy the entire body system while in action. He said, “Our discussion today is centered on a subject matter that can be likened to Cancer. As cancer renders the whole body useless, so does this topic to one’s religious affairs. The subject matter is no other than Bid’ah (religious innovation).

Adding that, “The ignorant Muslims have succeeded in inventing countless of innovation into acts of worship. They also succeeded in bringing people into the fold of this innovation. It is our duty to strongly preach against all these.”

He said, “The origin of bid’ah (religious innovation) in our society can be traced to a major number of Sufi adherents and the Jalabists. They are at the forefront of religious innovation. They enjoin people to engage in acts of bid’ah while parading it as acts of ‘ibadah.”

“There is a thin line between Bid’ah (religious innovation) and Shirk (Polytheism). One who is deep-necked in Bid’ah will end up falling into shirk.

A relatable example is that of a Jalabi Alfa who instructs his clients to pick a bead out of his rosaries, or googles through sand. What difference does this person have with an Ifa priest who does the same form of consultation with Opon Ifa?

That of the Ifa priest is glaring, but the Alfa’s act is shrouded under the guise of Islam. It is an innovation that leads to polytheism.”

Dr. Owoyale indicated that the most fitting name to give Jalabi Alfas in our society is ‘Yahoo boys/Men’. They started off from chasing after Lizard, Frogs, and Chameleon, into using human parts. It is a situation that saddens the heart and brings tears to the eyes. Nothing led them to all these than the act of bid’ah. It is the doorway to all evil.

“The greed to get quick will push you to do the unthinkable. What will see and hear in the society today is not pleasing to the eyes/ears. No matter how hard you try, the only sustenance you’ll have is what Allah has destined for you. Do not fall into religious innovation in your quest for riches, it is a shortcut to eternal damnation.”

He advised authorities to implement strict measures to curb all the menace of kidnapping and ritual killings, “I implore the government to take necessary actions regarding recent kidnappings and inhumane killings of people by human ritualists. We cannot live freely in a society that harbours murderers. Those who kill others are not meant to roam freely.”

“It is a commendable feat that Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori successfully wrote a book on Bid’ah and is presenting it publicly today. This is what we want our Muslim Youths to replicate. To continuously strive to propagate the pristine Islam to the best of their abilities. We ask Allah to bless his efforts,” he said.


Book Review: 50 Common Bid’ah (Religious Innovations) in our Contemporary World By Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi


In his remarks, Prof. AbdulGhaniy Akorede حفظه الله said the book is a classic, after going through the publication, he discovered that it is a must for every Muslim home.

During his presentation, the Talba Ebira, Alhaji Hamza Usman said, “The book should be bought and distributed to mosques, the same way we buy Qur’an to our mosques, giving it to family and friends as gifts… because it is what every Muslim should not only get hold of but commit it to memory.” He unveiled the book with N250, 000. Also, the Special Adviser to Kwara State Governor on Agriculture, Malam AbdulQawiyy Olododo launch the publication with N100, 000.

While the father of the author, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi who is also present at the event, give gratitude to Almighty Allah and thank all present at the occasion.

The author, Barr. Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi spoke about the making of the book during his appreciation message. He said, “It began in May, 2020 or thereabouts when I made a post listing some common bid’ah that I know in our society. I was able to list above 20 of them. Under that post, Ustadh Yusuf Murtadha (Kisi) began to list more of them. Some other friends also mentioned a number of them. Ustadh Yusuf later suggested we list up to 50 of them, write short notes on them and benefit the society by warning strongly against them. The bid’ah mentioned consist of bid’ah that amount to shirk or kufr as well as those that may not take its perpetrators out of Islām. I later made a post listing and explaining briefly those 50 Common Bid’ah.

The book is dedicated to Sheikh Amin Ibrahim (Baba Madeenah) who was the first missioner of Islamic Missionaries Association of Nigeria (IMAN). May Allāh have mercy on him. Aamiin.

Contributors: Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi, Sheu Abdus-Salam Aladado; Ilorin, Nigeria.

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