Book Review: Infatuation (Lust in Disguise of Love) By Sanni Kay Yūsuf

Infatuation (Lust in Disguise of Love) summarizes the illicit life of secondary school and/or higher institutions teenagers. The book chronicles how the noble life of Goriola earned him enviable fortune, and how ignorable life of Bolanle landed her in indelible sorrow.



The story isn’t without the patriotism of a man to his drowning fatherland; his optimism about the development of his country; and his altruism towards human life from danger. The content of the book is too loaded to be missed by any passionate reader. Parents should give it a try and cause their children to do the same. Teachers too should encourage their students to give it a perusal. It is actually worth the sweat.

Book Author:

  • Sanni Kay Yūsuf


  • Prose

Year of Publication:

  • 2021

Book Pages:

  • 113


  • Dr KT Best Writer Award 2021

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